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Sending, Managing & Monetizing Email

Danielle (Dani) Ashery is Vice President of Client Services and is responsible for client management, education and satisfaction. Her development of educational programs gives our clients an edge by providing them with the necessary information to ensure their marketing efforts are successful.

Did You Know? Action Based Messaging (ABM) - Stop creating new lists - follow up based on subscriber actions

With eLoop 5’s Action-Based Messaging (ABM) feature, your business’s marketing can become more dynamic and versatile with a few easy steps.

Key benefits of ABM's include:

  • micro target based on subscribers behavior
  • automatic follow up based on extremely specific criteria
  • message triggering based on any subscriber action or inaction
  • gather data based on your customer preferences and respond accordingly
  • increase personalization
  • enhance lead nurturing during specific points in your sales cycle

As a marketing professional, you are constantly under pressure to maintain and improve your customer engagement. It is no longer acceptable to blindly blast messages and assume the job of retaining that subscriber is done.

Enter eLoop5's Action Based Messaging feature:….
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Did You Know? Every eLoop user experience can be customized!

Make the most of your employees time in eLoop.

Our customizable Roles Feature allows a unique experience for each member or team within your company.

Let your employees focus on what they do best! Graphic designers can have access to message creation and editing, while your sales teams are busy analyzing campaign reports. We have already created several default roles to get you started, but don't worry! If you don't see a role that fits your needs, you can create as many custom profiles as you like. 

-User Roles:

• Administrator: The Administrator is the master user and has access to all features of eLoop including account settings and administrating user roles. If you would like to assign a user a large number of features and limit your security risk you should use the Project Manager role.

• Project manager: Project Managers have access to almost all eLoop features except account settings and administering user roles.

• Graphic designer: Graphic Designers have access only to modules related content such as the content library, messages, templates, and forms.

• List manager: List Managers have access only to modules related to lists and data.

• Account/client executive: Clients and Account Executives have access only to dashboards and reports.

• Custom: customize any users role to fit their/your company’s needs

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Integrating Web Analytics with Email Campaigns

I know it has been a while since I posted something (we all had such a busy summer) and I've been meaning to update this with thoughts on how clients can improve their campaigns. I'll continue to share my ideas here. This particular post is about Google Analytics -- something that is simple to set up, free, and enhances your investment in email marketing programs.

After conducting some research it became apparent that many emarketers are using web analytics for their websites, but few are integrating it with email. It really is a shame -- Google Analytics is free and it provides great insight into your email campaigns effectiveness.

If you’re not using web analytics with email you might find the info below very helpful. If you are, kudos to you! Let me know if I missed anything below.

In order to get the most out of email/web analytics you need to move beyond basic visits, page views, and other standard measures and customize your reporting to generate a better understanding of subscriber behavior and how it leads to revenue.

Here are some questions to consider:

1. Where are my subscribers located and which ones are making reservations?
To answer this question you must implement conversion tracking, an easy to do task with Google Analytics. Subscriber location coupled with reservation activity you can come up with a retargeting plan and better segmentation.

2. What are the most popular paths subscribers take from your email through your site and which ones generate reservations?
If you planned correctly, you’re probably directing subscribers to landing pages that are possibly ecommerce enabled. If this is the case you should add tracking and conversion code to these pages as well. Your entry page will not be your homepage.

3. How do I know which email campaigns contributed most to my website reservations?
Google Analytics allows you to tag all email campaigns under the “campaign” variable. If your campaigns can be placed into larger categories, make sure that category is inserted into the campaign tag along with the name of the campaign such as Discounts-Fall Promotion. From there Google will report the conversions attributed to each campaign.

Gold Lasso's eLoop allows users to integrate Google Analytics with campaigns. First, sign up for a free Google Analytics account and follow our simple instructions (We emailed the steps to all eLoop users a few months ago. Let us know if you have any questions about how to do it.)

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eLoop Uptime 100% through Storms

It's somewhat funny that we find ourselves emailing you again regarding the weather. This year has been brutal for our region -- with mountains of crippling blizzards and now this. As you may have seen in the national news, nearly half a million homes and businesses lost power Sunday and many are still without electricity. It's the worst outage since '03 Hurricane Isabel. 

We are happy to report that due to Gold Lasso business continuity practices, eLoop users had full access access to the system during this time.

Our Commitment to You
Our systems ran smoothly throughout the 70MPH winds that knocked out power lines. Technical staff even worked through the night constantly testing system connectivity to ensure users had no problems, and were ready even at 4am to institute backup systems just in case. No backups were required, and systems were fully operational.

We thank you all for the inquiries. Most employees were affected in some way by the loss of electricity, air conditioning and cable/internet -- but are all thankfully safe.

Just as we did during the snowstorms earlier this year, Gold Lasso will continue to devote resources to ensuring your access to eLoop (regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way). If there are ever any questions about how systems are impacted, check our Facebook and/or Twitter pages for up-to-date status updates.

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New & Improved: A Rundown of Recently Added Features and Enhancements

AddThis – Social Media/Sharing
Gold Lasso is very excited to announce our partnership with AddThis, the #1 bookmarking and sharing button on the Internet. This partnership enables us to offer Social Media Integration for your email campaigns. This integration is seamless, fully customizable and can be accessed through the new and improved toolbar within the HTML message editor.

RSS to Email
RSS (most commonly translated as “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”) is a Web feed format used to publish or announce frequently updated works such as blog entries, news headlines, audio and video.
The only information that you need to get started is the link to your RSS file. In Twitter you can simply click the orange RSS icon under your list of people that you are following, in WordPress it's listed with your "Site Meta" and in most other sites you simply click the RSS icon and it will take you to the necessary page.  Copy and paste that link into the RSS wizard in eLoop and you are well on your way.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you have a website, blog or a WordPress site, Twitter account, or anything else that can generate an RSS file, you can automatically get that information to your recipients in a few easy steps. There are two options within eLoop to help you accomplish this goal and you only need a few pieces of information to get started.

The first option is to setup an ongoing campaign based on time intervals and updates of your RSS stories. This feature would be used if you wanted to send out updates of your RSS stories to your recipients daily, weekly, monthly, etc.. We have built in the ability to check to see if your stories have been updated before the campaign is executed to ensure you aren't sending the same information multiple times to your followers.
The second option is to simply include your stories from your RSS directly within a message (using a datapoint based on an RSS profile) i.e. have your last five tweets in your monthly newsletter. I have included an example of that technique at the bottom of this message from my own Twitter account.

This is another awesome addition to our system because it's just one more "Really Simple" way of getting new information out to your recipients quickly. You setup a campaign and do what you normally do, update your stories, tweets, content etc. and watch your click rates climb. This new feature will be available to all users by Friday August 7th. Please keep your requests and feedback coming, we welcome and encourage your input!
To start adding RSS to your communications, simply click the icon within the editor and follow the simple steps.

Real-Time Autoresponder Campaigns

This feature allows you to send real-time autoresponders based on your eLoop landing pages, as well as any existing form that you already have implemented on your website(s). You can accomplish this through an "auto" campaign triggered by either a submission of a Landing Page or by using a query string. This process differs from Time Released Campaigns because you can send multiple emails to the same recipient unlike the Time Release Campaigns which will only allow you to send to the same recipient once per campaign. Recipients can fill out the form multiple times and receive a message for each submission. In addition, the message is sent immediately upon submission of the form/query string instead of waiting for a time release campaign to kick off every few minutes. This process is faster to accomplish real-time sending instead of batching, queuing, and then sending when the campaign criteria is met.

Image Map Tracking
Even though image maps are not as widely used as they once were, they are still popular enough to warrant tracking capabilities. Now designers can map out coordinates in an image pointing to multiple URLs without having to slice the image in to multiple pieces. It's a simple way to save time when creating messages. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming, we value your feedback! If you have any questions on these new features, please contact Client Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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