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Gold Lasso Partners With LiveClicker Making Video In Email Possible

With the exception of GoodMail's Certified Video service, LiveClicker is the only technology I have seen that allows marketers to easily bring full motion picture to email (excluding sound).  I liked LiveClicker's technology so much that I decided to partner them.  This partnership will allow Gold Lasso's clients easily leverage true video in email technology exchanging the simulated video control click-through image for something that's truly engaging. 

The best thing about the technology is that video plays directly in the inbox and is compatible with most email clients.

You can read more about the partnership here.

If you're interested in learning more about how LiveClicker works with Gold Lasso's eLoop please contact your service or sales rep. 

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Email Marketing's Biggest Secret

Watch Gold Lasso's video Email Marketing's Biggest Secret and learn a guaranteed yet least used tactic to lift your conversion rates.  More videos to come.

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Maximizing Promotions with the 2009 Holiday Push

Here we are, well into the last quarter of 2009, and holiday-related marketing campaigns are well underway. Many of Gold Lasso’s clients have begun promoting sale dates, coupon codes, clear outs, special event dates such as VIP access to online sales and other year-end online campaigns. Meanwhile, some still have not begun their end of year planning. Start now, it’s not too late. Here are some tips to help organize your e-marketing strategies:
  • Coordinate online and offline promotions together to reinforce customer messages.
  • Prepare special “backup plan” promotions that might be triggered by an event – snow in Florida promotions and inventory blowouts are just a few examples.
  • Make it your New Year’s Resolution to be more engaging with your customers. Clearly and directly ask your customers to use social media by sharing info on Twitter or Facebook, forwarding to a friend or responding to a survey. Follow up with a thank you email or give financial incentives to those who share messages. (This feature can be tracked in eLoop standard campaign reporting.)
  • Incorporate Auto Responders so people receive messages immediately after signups or customer purchases. This not only puts your name in front of the customer right away, but prompt emails encourage higher open rates and build better sender IP reputation.
  • Keep pushing your messages all the way until last minute. It’s OK to send messages the day before Cyber Monday as well as on Cyber Monday. (The Monday following Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is associated with a significant increase in online sales. Cyber Monday is November 30. Mark your calendars!).
  • Don’t only promote holiday shopping. Why not assemble messages for New Year’s – encourage customers to stock up on services or products for 2010 now.
  • Busy staff? Why not incorporate RSS-to-Email functionality in campaign creation. One of our clients saved his office 20 hours of staff time by utilizing this feature in eLoop!
These are just a few of the many ways email marketing can be used to enhance your business this time of year. Remember to start sending emails now, send often, and send all the way until the end of the promotion for maximum results. For more information on how these features can be used, contact your eLoop Account Manager.
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The Buzz on RSS-to-Email

Last week Gold Lasso featured a webinar discussing the benefits of RSS-to-Email. Thank you to everyone who participated and joined in the discussion afterwards. A complete recording of the Webinar is now available online, click here to review.

RSS-to-Email is a hot topic these days. Highlighted by Website Magazine in the article, E-Mail Marketing’s Future… Right Now, eLoop’s new feature is included in an overview of ESPs changing the email landscape. “This is useful for people using Twitter, publishers who update their sites regularly and have newsletters based on updates, press releases, or any other type of timely content that gets posted to a website regularly." View the article here.
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Custom DNS - Another Reason Why You Need It

Below is another example of how using a custom DNS with your email service provider can help increase trust and deliverability.  In this example, TechTarget sent me an email to sign up for their Online ROI Summit.  However when clicking on the link my email client warns me that the link could be fraud.  Why?  Because the link resolves through the email service providers domain instead of TechTarget.  This is why custom DNS coupled with a unique IP is the gold standard for deliverability and trust.

custom dns for email

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