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Training Shout-Out & New Production Build 09-14-11

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to everyone who attended our training today, it was a great session!  For those of you who missed it, we hope to have you on the next one.  The session was recorded and has been posted under Videos in GL Jive (if you can't access GL Jive, please let us know so we can get you a login). We will be sending out information on the upcoming trainings so you can get on board and learn all the tips and tricks you need before we begin to phase out eLoop 4. Our goal is to complete the transition of all clients to eLoop 5 by the end of the year.

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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and New Features, Oh My!

I apologize that we haven't posted any updates in a few weeks, we have been VERY busy adding to eLoop 5’s feature list! We have completed work on many small bugs and also a few major developments.  For our clients who use Throttled Campaigns, roll-up reporting is up and running in eLoop 5.  As you did in eLoop 4, you will have the option to view either the "child" or "parent" campaigns from the reporting.  We are going to be adding even more updates to this feature in the coming weeks but we felt that it was important to get the core feature out since it's way overdue – so thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

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eloop5 Updates - New Feature Helps List Attrition

In our continuing efforts to help our client’s minimize list attrition and improve deliverability, we have added another new eLoop5 feature.   This new feature focuses on subscriber engagement.  If for some reason a subscriber bounced, but has engaged within a predetermined time interval, they won’t be marked as inactive and you can continue to send to them.

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eLoop5 Updates - New Production Build This Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!  Over the weekend we will be pushing a new eLoop5 build in to production.  This new build will have a number of valuable updates, bug fixes, and some new features.

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eLoop5 Updates - Improving Timezones

Happy day before Friday everyone (I had to get a Friday reference in this post somehow). We have heard from a number of clients regarding timezones and how they don't function the way that they are expected to.  We have racked our brains here at Gold Lasso to come up with a solution and we think we have it.

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