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eLoop5 Updates - Imports, Modules, and Validation Oh My!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

There are a few more bug fixes that have been put into place over the last few days as well as the addition of a great new import feature. Also, we will be turning future updates into a weekly RSS to email campaign that will package all that information into an easy to read email. If you aren't familiar with RSS to email, especially if you have a blog or anything containing an RSS feed, you're missing out on a valuable yet simple email automation method. Hit us up if you have any questions about it and one of our knowledgeable support reps will point you in the right direction. Now on to the updates...

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eLoop5 Updates - Message Section Changes

This is the first installment of Michael's eLoop5 Updates.  The following changes will be going in to effect later tonight and will be available to everyone.

New Messages:

When you click the green "+" icon to create a new message, the wizard now will still ask you to choose a template, then you can fill in all of your "Message Details", but now once you click "Save and Continue" it will now open full screen as if you had clicked the "Edit HTML" icon.  This fixes all of the issues that we had with dialog boxes not working properly within the editor window (i.e. the ability to resize images).  Once you have finished editing your message, simply choose a "save" option at the bottom of the screen.

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eLoop5 Updates

Hello everyone, I'm going to start posting eLoop5 updates on our From Line Blog to keep everyone up to date.

First off, if you aren't using eLoop5 yet, you're missing out on a lot of AWESOME new features. There are a number of exciting new features and bug fixes that we will be announcing soon and continue to discuss with everyone.  One of the biggest enhancements is the new survey module which is second to none.  This option is available under the "Forms & Tracking" section.  Please subscribe to the RSS feed for our blog, and check back often for valuable news and information.

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