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Use Your Email Signup Incentives Wisely

Use Your Email Signup Incentives Wisely

Incentives are a great way to motivate new signups - and they often work. However, using incentives for the sole purpose of growing your email list can lead to problems. The quality of these addresses will likely suffer since many use fake addresses just to get their hands on the incentive.

Those fake addresses (whether made up or belonging to someone else), will lead to high bounce rates, complaint rates and have a negative impact on your sender reputation. Before you know it, you have a major deliverability problem on your hands.

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Did You Know? Action Based Messaging (ABM) - Stop creating new lists - follow up based on subscriber actions

With eLoop 5’s Action-Based Messaging (ABM) feature, your business’s marketing can become more dynamic and versatile with a few easy steps.

Key benefits of ABM's include:

  • micro target based on subscribers behavior
  • automatic follow up based on extremely specific criteria
  • message triggering based on any subscriber action or inaction
  • gather data based on your customer preferences and respond accordingly
  • increase personalization
  • enhance lead nurturing during specific points in your sales cycle

As a marketing professional, you are constantly under pressure to maintain and improve your customer engagement. It is no longer acceptable to blindly blast messages and assume the job of retaining that subscriber is done.

Enter eLoop5's Action Based Messaging feature:….
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Did You Know? Every eLoop user experience can be customized!

Make the most of your employees time in eLoop.

Our customizable Roles Feature allows a unique experience for each member or team within your company.

Let your employees focus on what they do best! Graphic designers can have access to message creation and editing, while your sales teams are busy analyzing campaign reports. We have already created several default roles to get you started, but don't worry! If you don't see a role that fits your needs, you can create as many custom profiles as you like. 

-User Roles:

• Administrator: The Administrator is the master user and has access to all features of eLoop including account settings and administrating user roles. If you would like to assign a user a large number of features and limit your security risk you should use the Project Manager role.

• Project manager: Project Managers have access to almost all eLoop features except account settings and administering user roles.

• Graphic designer: Graphic Designers have access only to modules related content such as the content library, messages, templates, and forms.

• List manager: List Managers have access only to modules related to lists and data.

• Account/client executive: Clients and Account Executives have access only to dashboards and reports.

• Custom: customize any users role to fit their/your company’s needs

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