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Consumers unknowingly give their marketing permission

You probably didn't realize that by requesting information, viewing a product demo, entering a contest or sweepstakes or simply by purchasing something you just gave your permission to a company to market to you.  Why?  62% of marketers feel very strongly or somewhat strongly that marketing permission can be implied.  This means no checkbox is required 

Source:  Determining Perceptions of Marketing Permission Impact Marketing Success

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Does requesting product info mean you're giving your permission?

66% of marketers feel that when consumers request product information, download white papers or complete warranty cards without explicit opt-in, means they are also giving their permission to market to them.  It can be implied from this statistic that marketers feel that consumers are conditioned to accept more marketing when initially engaging with their messaging.

Source: Determining Perceptions of Marketing Permission Impact Marketing Success


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Marketers are pulling a Steve-O

77% of marketers feel that a consumer purchase DOES constitute marketing permission.  Conversely, 75% to 80% of consumers feel that making a purchase DOES NOT mean they can be marketed to on their mobile device or email.  On this issue, marketers and consumers couldn't be further apart - it seems as though that marketers relying on transactions for mobile and email marketing are making a Steve-O of themselves.  

Source: Determining Perceptions of Marketing Permission Impact Marketing Success


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Marketers' General Perception of Permission

57% of marketers feel very strongly or strongly that prospects and customers must give their permission before being marketed to.  25% of marketers believe that no permission is needed.

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The Ins and Outs of Permission Marketing

Any savvy businessperson knows that email has become an essential method of delivering marketing messages. Permission marketing, however, is a specific type of marketing aimed at communicating with customers who have already indicated an interest in your product by opting in via your website, Facebook page, or another vehicle.

Even though you may have “permission” to send marketing messages, there are some specific steps you should take to make your marketing strategy as productive as possible.

Pinpoint “WIIFM”

One of the first things that your customers will want to know is ‘what’s in it for me?’

Nearly 15 years ago, internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin said in Fast Company , "Consumers will grant a company permission to communicate only if they know what's in it for them.” So essentially it all comes down to rewarding consumers for paying attention to your message. Whether you offer industry tips, links to helpful information, discounts on products or services, or something else, consumers are all about getting something for letting you develop a relationship with them.

Build Your Target List

Building relationships with customers requires you to both hone in on who will bring you the most profit, as well as define those who are most likely to influence other customers. You want and NEED these people on your permission marketing target list.

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