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Practice Permission Marketing and Earn Your Customer's Respect

 “Permission marketing” is one of the most important terms marketers encounter. However, despite its importance, many marketers struggle with its implementation. Marketers should not be discouraged though, success is possible. Still, it is not an element that should be overlooked; in fact, every marketer should aim to master it.

This marketing effort is unique because it understands and respects your customer's ability and right to ignore you and your correspondence. It is built on the knowledge that the best way to earn customer loyalty is to earn customer respect. You want your customers to always value your contact and in turn see that value build as your relationship grows

Permission Marketing means being completely upfront with a customer about what you want from them and what they can expect from you in return. An example of this marketing is the social media site that lets you establish an online presence on their platform in exchange for the ability to push relevant advertisements. LinkedIn has done a great job so far of mastering this balance. The key to maintaining a successful relationship is to only do exactly as promised and resist the urge to change the rules. Changing things behind your customers back in order to obtain more of their attention will only strain the relationship. Do not initially promise monthly contact, and then suddenly switch to daily correspondence. Managing this permission base will demand patience and study. You will decide how you interact with different types of customers based upon what they want to hear.

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