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Gold Lasso Has a New Proven Service to Help Grow Your Email Lists

Gold Lasso’s RegReady is a fast growing co-registration network – serving hundreds of websites and processing hundreds of thousands of co-registrations. RegReady’s co-registration network serves both publishers and advertisers.

What is Co-Registration?
Co-registration is an advertising methodology specifically used to build lists and generate sales leads.
How is it Done?
It is done by putting contextually relevant ads in the path of a Website’s registration form, hence the name “co-registration.”
Co-registration traditionally has seen many methodologies and has experienced mixed results primarily due to the many blind models that were created. RegReady is exactly the opposite, it is a 100% transparent network of website and e-newsletter publishers across 35 different verticals. It is designed to give publishers the ability to create a new revenue stream from their website’s registration form submissions with other publishers in the network of their own choosing. It also allows these same publishers to generate 100% real time transparent opt-in leads directly from other publishers websites. There is no upfront cost and no obligation to participate!

Some notable organizations that are already participating include:  
• MarketingVOX
• iMedia Connection
• DemandGen Report
• MarketingSherpa
• Retailer Daily
• AdRants
So, you ask:
Why Be a Publisher?
• Leverage an untapped revenue stream for your organization
• Expand the reach of your brand across partner publisher’s audiences
• Have full control of your relationships with advertisers and veto inappropriate ads or relationships to your organization’s vision
• The ability to co-mingle your brand to your other brand’s audiences
• Create your own private network of partners and add more value to your internal advertising sales

Why Be an Advertiser?
• Generate real time leads, qualified leads
• Integrates with eLoop auto responders and time released messaging.
• 100% lead source transparency, no guessing if leads are new or if they have heard of you
• Supplement your existing email subscription database and replenish your pipeline
• Great source for replenishing normal email list attrition due to bounces, the unsubscribed and normal list hygiene depletion
• Cost of leads is based upon open bid model, no fixed price (open market model determines real cost of lead, open auction similar to Google Adwords or eBay’s’ bidding models)
Interested in being an Advertiser or Publisher? Click here
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Gold Lasso is now Tweeting!

Gold Lasso is now on Twitter and folks have been sending me requests to be one of my "Tweeps" since I opened up the account a few weeks ago.

If you want to follow us on Twitter, feel free, the door is open.

 I plan on sharing information on the email marketing world, and of course what's cooking at Gold Lasso.

To follow me , just go to and follow us.

Hope we see all of our new Tweeps following us soon,


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Are You Getting the Most Out of eLoop?

All this talk about the economy should have you asking one question: Am I getting my moneys worth? This pertains to all aspects of your business. Of course, I can only help you answer that question as it pertains to your ESP. So, as an eLoop Account Manager, it’s my duty to make sure you are aware of all the premium features available to you.

Now I am sure some of you are using these features, but many of our clients are not. All of the features below (listed by section) are available to you in eLoop at no additional charge. They are simply sitting there waiting to be used!

Data Collection
Landing Pages
Opt-In Pages
Referral Pages
Customized Forward-to-a-Friend

Data Management
Complex list building (including Boolean statements)

Outbound Messaging
Dynamic Content: allows you to insert virtually anything in place of another item within a Message when a certain condition or set of conditions is met.

Enhanced Message Testing: offers three premium options: eDesign Optimizer, eContent Scorer, and eDelivery Tracker.

Account Settings
Communication Categories: This allows the recipient to set preferences that act as a suppression mechanism, allowing only the desired messages to reach them.

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Feature Spotlight: Campaign Types A/B Splits, Time-Released and Throttled Campaigns

A/B Split Campaigns
Testing is the only way to know for sure what works best with your email campaigns and your subscribers. The most common way marketers test their email campaigns is with A/B splits. A/B split campaigns allow you to randomly split your list between two or more messages. The benefit is that you can test the success of different campaign elements, such as subject lines, from lines, or other content, to find out which work best. eLoop reports each message and its respective portion of the list as a separate campaign. You can then plan your future campaigns based on the  outcomes and recipients’ responses to the variables.
Time-Release Campaigns
Eloop’s time release campaign (drip) module helps with the lead nurturing process ensuring that timely, relevant and branded information reaches your recipients.  Whether your lead nurturing is based on time intervals, behavioral or demographic variables, eLoop’s time release campaigns can help.
Basic Time Release (Basic Drip)
If your sales cycle is seasonal, revolves around a specific date or is based on distinctive timeframes, then implementing a basic time release (drip) campaign could be right for you.  With a basic time release campaign you can design a string of personalized emails (using merge fields and dynamic content) to be sent in various pre-determined sequences.  This allows you to automatically stay top of mind with your prospects.
Time Release Based on Behavior
Trying to sell big ticket items just doesn’t take time, it takes education.  By coupling time release campaigns with web pages visited, links clicked and forms completed, you can automatically target the right information more aggressively to your prospects helping with the educational process.
Time Release Based on Demographic Variables

To ensure relevance, marketers need to personalize their campaigns based on a host of variables however continual list segmentation and personalization can become difficult with changing demographics such as age, marriage, kids, etc.  With eLoop A.I. you can create multi-year time release campaigns with messages that automatically change with demographic or other data variable updates.  

Throttled Campaigns
Throttled campaigns in eLoop allow you to break up your sending schedule over a defined period of time. This process is especially useful when you are a new sender with a large list trying to build a good sender reputation. Throttling is also used to avoid the overwhelming of your recipient’s mail servers. In eLoop, this is done at the software level, managed by the user as opposed to the hardware level which is managed by the ESP.

To learn more about these features, please contact the Gold Lasso client support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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ISP Feedback Loops - New eLoop Feature

As you know, many ISPs include a "this is spam" button or link for a piece of email sent from a specific IP address.  When clicked, it is considered a "complaint".  A feedback loop (or complaint report) notes when a recipient clicks "this is spam" for one of your emails.  In some cases the complaints are made directly to the hosting provider or ISP in which case Gold Lasso will alert you of these types of complaints.

These complaint reports track the feedback from your recipients and notify you when you are being flagged with SPAM or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) complaints. These reports are extremely useful in the analysis of your lists and the content of your email communications as well as keeping up with compliancy and SPAM laws.

We have included three complaint reports listed under the Reporting Module in eLoop and will be adding more in the near future:

Windows Live Mail and MSN Hotmail:
This feedback loop called SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) measures the amount of mail sent to Windows Live Mail and MSN Hotmail and compares it to the number of SPAM complaints and SPAM traps to give you a score.  Depending on your “Filter results” you may need to adjust your messages to help to bring your score down.  These results do not necessarily mean that your messages were or were not delivered; it only gives an aggregate result on how it was scored in the Microsoft filtering.
For more information, please go to:
This feedback loop tracks anytime a recipient hit’s the “this is spam” button within an AOL, Netscape, AOL Instant Messenger, or AOL My eAddress email message.  In most cases the report will tell the recipient’s email address that complained so that it can be further investigated.
For more information, please go to:
This feedback loop is comprised of members that work with SpamCop to report IP addresses that are sending SPAM or UCE to recipient’s inboxes or to monitored spam traps.  SpamCop helps to facilitate the submission of the complaints to the respective ISP’s or Web Hosts so that they can monitor the IP addresses that they own.  SpamCop is run by IronPort Systems who is one of Gold Lasso’s primary MTA’s (Mail Transfer Agents.)
For more information, please go to:
As an added best practice, below are the instructions to setup an abuse@ email address for your email marketing efforts.  An abuse account is important because a lot of times if a recipient wants to file a complaint about your correspondence or to be removed from your list, they may not bother with opting out and send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If the message bounces back as not existing when sent to your abuse@ account, it can sometime lead to the assumption that your marketing efforts are not legitimate and possibly SPAM.  With the addition of an abuse@ address, it improves the legitimacy of your email marketing efforts as well as giving you another facet in the fight to healthier lists.  This account should be checked regularly.  Please make sure to respond promptly and courteously to your recipient and remove them from your list if applicable (in most cases it will be) to avoid any further issues.

* Choose “Account Settings” from the top navigation
* Choose “Reply Profile Settings” from the menu
* On the right hand side of the page click the “Add New” hyperlink
* Enter in the below information:

Is Default: False
Bounce to: abuse
Link URL: Keep this as the default
Password: Choose a password
Forward to: abuse@yourdomain (use the same domain as the Link URL above)
From Address: Use the same as the “Forward to” above
Reply to: Use the same as the “Forward to” above

**Click the “Save Button”**

To check your Abuse Mail, click the “Outbound Messaging” option on the top navigation menu and choose “Webmail.” Once the HORDE Webmail login comes up,  use the information that you entered in above for the email address and password.

If you have any questions regarding SPAM complaints or the above instructions, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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The Email Monetization Playbook
Email Monetization Playbook
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