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Yahoo! Resurrects Sender Score Certified / Bonded Sender

Earlier this year it was announced that Yahoo! would be joining Sender Score Certified. Well the time has arrived!

During the first week of January 2009, Yahoo! will begin using Sender Score Certified status in their filtering decisions. This means that Sender Score Certified members will receive preferential treatment in reaching the inbox at Yahoo! Mail. This new benefit comes in addition to the long standing benefits at Hotmail, Cloudmark, IronPort, Road Runner, Cox, SpamAssassin, Barracuda, and dozens of other email networks worldwide. This is extremely exciting news for all Sender Score Certified members and folks that had forgotten it existed.  This has potential to be a weapon in your deliverability arsenal that could increase your email program's ROI almost overnight. 

Details on how this data will be used will be sent to Sender Score Certified members very soon.  In my opinion, I have seen little value in this service for the past couple of years for the individual however this announcement could mean a new dawn for a rebranded and repurposed "Bonded Sender" program.

If you are not currently a Sender Score Certified member now is a great time to apply .  It does cost a small licensing fee from Return Path to be SenderScore certified however at the end of the day, if delivery to the Yahoo! inbox is important to your program, it is strongly advised that you at least apply to see if you qualify for the program.

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