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10 Uses for Gold Lasso’s RSS to Email Feature…

About a week ago, we posted a query in our GLJive Client Community for our clients to come up with 10 uses for our RSS to Email feature.  If you aren't familiar with this feature, here are a few of the sticky points:

* Automate your Email Campaigns based on your RSS feed(s)
* Customize messages and templates easily to include RSS feed(s)
* Control which feed(s) are included in which campaign including multiple feeds per campaign
* Control the times that the campaigns go out (daily, weekly, or monthly)
* The ability to choose the launch of the campaign only when RSS feed(s) are updated (validation)

There are so many uses for this feature in pretty much every industry.  If you don't believe that this saves time and creates a huge efficiency, ask Gary Smith of Fox's Bull's and Bears and owner of  The Chart Man Website.  With the help of Gold Lasso, he saved countless hours for him and his staff by automating his daily email campaigns using the RSS to Email feature. Our group came up with some great uses, so here they are in no particular order.

Usage #1 - Deal of the Day

Post exclusive deals for those who follow your RSS feed. Let the RSS to Email feature do the rest for you.

Usage #2 - Internal Communications

Aggregate RSS feeds of competitor information: tweets, news releases, Facebook updates, etc. Automate a campaign that’s internal to your company and sales team. Not many subscribers, but it could be quite useful!

Usage #3 – Automatic Photo Updates via Email

For a website constantly uploaded with photos, pull an RSS feed of new photos into scheduled campaigns. Several applications: Dating Site, Real Estate, News, etc.

Usage #4 - Deal Roundup

Similar to Usage #1, a website that posts MULTIPLE sales/deals can send a weekly or daily email that pulls all deals into an email.

Usage #5 – Candidate Recruitment

Insert feed of resumes titles, even by category, into an email to HR and recruiting managers. Use campaign categories for highly targeted approach.

Usage  #6 - Job Listings

Insert feed of job listings, either by zip code or by category, into email for job-seekers. Schedule weekly or daily campaigns.

Usage #7 – Automate message assembly

Instead of designing new messages and campaigns, create a message template with space for your private feed. Update the feed and your campaign is sent automatically.
Usage #8 - Live Event Coverage

A lot of bloggers and tweeters constantly update from live events.  You could sum up all of the posts from the event in an easy to read re-cap.  

Usage #9 - Writers/Authors

Authors could send teaser chapters from an upcoming book to get readers excited.

Usage #10 - Public Postings

Public postings could be used by colleges and other higher education, regulatory, state run groups, government, etc.

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