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Selling B-to-B? Video Will Lead The Way

Latest Marketing Trend:

According to Forbes Insights, the research division of Forbes magazine, “video is becoming a critical information source for senior executives,” with more than 80% of executives watching more video online than a year ago. This trend isn’t surprising with executives continually facing information overload they are turning to video to help cut through the clutter and aid with decision making.

After watching video content, executives are more likely to:

  • Visit a vendor’s website 66%
  • Conduct a search for more info 53%
  • Call a vendor 22%
  • Make a business-related purchase 26%
    Source: Forbes Insights, Dec. 2010


Developing and distributing video is easier than you think. Effective video presentations can range from a simple PowerPoint presentation converted to a .mov file to full-blown professional productions. Today, you can even use websites like to develop a video based on cartoon characters. Video options are cheap and truly endless.

While in the planning stages, Forbes says to keep the following in mind:

Mix Text And Video
Although 87% of executives said their companies are comfortable with their executives watching work related videos during business hours, 44% still fear these actions will be viewed negatively by their piers. Therefore, while presenting your videos make sure to include informative text on the webpage.

Match The Message to the Medium
According to Forbes, executives have different expectations for videos depending on the site they’re viewing it from. Executives primarily seek business news, insight/expert advice, speeches and presentations on business related websites however view YouTube primarily for product demonstrations, testimonials and reviews. This is also important for distribution. In addition to corporate websites and social media venues, video links are being widely distributed via email however require a learning curve. You learn more about email video distribution by downloading Gold Lasso’s video in email white paper here:

Shorter Isn’t Necessarily Better
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the web has garnered patience as a video medium and 47% of executives said that a video of 3 to 5 minutes is acceptable.

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