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Cost Shifts from Channel to Production; Growing Need to Educate Marketing Staff

Marketing Trend

Our trendwatchers are seeing a growing need for even the savviest of marketers to educate themselves on workflow improvements. The concept of how to mass-produce automated marketing campaigns (without reliance on excessive human interaction) is not difficult to implement, yet many businesses aren’t aware of the right strategies. Furthermore, while the cost of marketing mediums has decreased due to the rapid growth of online advertising opportunities, production costs have skyrocketed. This leaves marketing budgets vulnerable to what our experts call The 21st Century Marketing Paradox – a cost shift from channel to production. 

Scalable methodologies which enable organizations to do this will keep business-to-business, business-to-consumer and government-to-citizen organizations competitive online. Yet even though efficiencies are within reach, many marketers fail to establish workflow processes that fit today’s desired outcomes. Technologies to help are abundantly available, and these days more businesses can gain access than ever before. Examples of automated solutions that are available for marketers in all types of businesses include:
     •    Dues renewal reminders     
     •    Inventory-based offers     
     •    Lead nurturing and sales force drip campaigns     
     •    Key influencer identification     
     •    Loyalty program automation     
     •    Web-to-email publishing     
     •    Time release lifecycle campaigns    

How To
We’ve put together a white paper, “Marketing Automation for Everyone Explained and Implemented,” which details a variety of marketing automation processes beyond synchronization of CRMs. Automated processes, including workflow, message development, marketing intelligence and segmentation, rely heavily on data. These processes shouldn’t also rely heavily on people, which generally introduce error and increase cost. This paper, free to download at, provides examples of where the right strategies can serve as a model for all marketers.


Steps include:

  1. Focus on the Pain Points (such as low click through rates).    
  2. Develop a process that’s right for your business, your industry and your subscribers.  
  3. Apply automation to the process and consider data, segmentation and content development. 

By downloading this paper you will see how answering these questions will pinpoint areas where automation can greatly improve overall marketing efforts. For more information about this white paper please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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