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ISP Deliverability Information - FBL, Postmaster, and Much More

As a precursor to this post, If you are a Gold Lasso client all of the feedback loops listed in this article (minus rackspace and Open SRS which are in the works) are activated in your eLoop account.  *Yahoo!'s FBL is a premium service that can be activated by contacting your account rep or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As I'm putting the finishing touches on one of the three blog posts that I have been working on, I took a side step to publish this list.  I have been compiling this list for a while of ISP information and noticed that it would come in handy for my upcoming post regarding email deliverability myths.  This list includes ISP information and links to their feedback loops and who operates them, bulk sender forms, RBL (Real-time Black Lists) lookups and removal forms.

NOTE: This list is a work in progress and if you have any information you would like to see added, please send me a message and I will include it and of course give you credit.

Feedback Loop Signup - http://feedbackloop.yahoo.net/
Postmaster - http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/postmaster/
Bulk Sender Form - http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/postmaster/bulkv2.html
Yahoo Mail Delivery Form - http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/postmaster/defer.html
Operated By - Return Path

Feedback Loop Signup - http://postmaster.aol.com/Postmaster.FeedbackLoop.php
Postmaster - http://postmaster.aol.com/
Whitelist Signup - http://postmaster.aol.com/cgi-bin/whitelist/whitelist_guides.pl
DKIM Information - http://postmaster.aol.com/Postmaster.DKIM.php
Operated By - AOL

Feedback Loop Signup - http://feedback.comcast.net/
Postmaster - http://postmaster.comcast.net/
RBL Lookup - http://postmaster.comcast.net/IPB-removal.aspx
Operated By - Return Path

BlueTie (Excite, IWon, My Way)
Feedback Loop Signup - http://feedback.bluetie.com/
Postmaster - http://postmaster.bluetie.com/
Operated By - Return Path

Microsoft Smart Data Services - Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, MSN
SNDS Signup - https://postmaster.live.com/snds/data.aspx
Postmaster - http://mail.live.com/mail/postmaster.aspx
Operated By - Microsoft
Note: You must have a Windows Live ID to signup

SpamCop (SPAM Reporting Service)
Signup - http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=ispsignupform
Operated By - SpamCop
Note: This is the signup page for "ISP features"

Feedback Loop Signup - http://fbl.usa.net/
Postmaster - http://postmaster.usa.net/
Operated By - Return Path

Feedback Loop Signup - http://security.rr.com/fbl
Postmaster - http://security.rr.com/
RBL Lookup - http://security.rr.com/amIBlockedByRR
Operated By - Return Path

Feedback Loop Signup - http://fbl.cox.net/
Postmaster - http://postmaster.cox.net
RBL Removal - http://postmaster.cox.net/confluence/display/postmaster/Contact+US+Form
Operated By - Return Path

Feedback Loop Signup - http://fbl.apps.rackspace.com/
Postmaster -
Operated By - Return Path

United Online (Juno Netzero)
Postmaster - http://www.untd.com/postmaster/index.html
Trusted List Signup - http://unitedonline.com/postmaster/whitelisted.html

Bulk Sender Form- http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=81126

Feedback Loop - http://fbl.hostedemail.com/
Operated By - Return Path

Postmaster - https://help.attbusiness.net/index.cfm?fuseAction=home.viewContent&content_id=7478&category_id=7223
RBL Removal - http://rbl.att.net/cgi-bin/rbl/block_admin.cgi

Feedback Loop Signup - http://fbl.synacor.com/
Operated By - Return Path

Feedback Loop Signup - http://fbl.fastmail.fm/
Operated By - Return Path

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