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New White Paper - Deliverability

The email industry has changed. Learn reasons for these changes and how all marketers need to change the way they strategize campaigns in order to ensure good deliverability and fewer spam complaints.

Gold Lasso's new white paper is available to anyone for free from our website... continue reading this post for more information...


Our latest white paper, 2011’s Deliverability Nuts and Bolts, is much more than a simple overview of what impacts email deliverability. This download from the Gold Lasso Learning Center is essential reading for even experienced emarketers because, simply put, the industry has changed (and will keep changing).

How has the email industry changed? New channels have been added for message distribution, and existing channels have become so fragmented that consumers can be more picky about what they pay attention to. Another factor has been that more companies are entering online marketing than ever before, giving rise to the amount of content subscribers are seeing. This, in turn, gives subscribers an itchy trigger finger on that "SPAM" button. They are clicking that button because whatever message they got is not relevant to their interests and isn't engaging enough. It can be anything from a simple, "I don't remember requesting this," to a broader complaint, "This isn't what I expected."

It's a fact that while the definition of SPAM is the sending of unsolicited bulk emails, it is ultimately the individual who decides what is a "spammy" message. Marketers, ESPs and ISPs can do very little to change an individual's perception of what is SPAM. But we can all do a heck of a lot to learn ways to deliver the 4R's (sending the Right message to the Right person at the Right time via the Right channel). The 4R strategy is a simple and effective way to achieve better deliverability and better ROI.

So check out our new white paper, a truly in-depth guide to email deliverability, updated for 2011. It's available for free in our learning center.

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