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Monday Morning Reputation Cheer


Here is my latest Monday morning Reputation cheer to kick the week off with a bang. #emailreputation #emailmarketing Have a great and productive week everyone.

NOTE - These were a series of tweets that started this morning at 9:20am Eastern which is why there are some abbreviations and such throughout the post.



"R" is for Responsibility - As a marketer it's ultimately yours. Practice good opt-in list techniques and your #emailreputation will thank you. 

"E" is for Engagement - Your most engaged is your cherry list, your VIP's. If your subscribers aren't engaged, get em engaged or back burner em.
"P" is for Preference Pages - If you aren't making yours easy to use and using the info for personalization, you have some work to do.
"U" is for Understanding - Follow the greats in our field & read what they post, ask questions, soak up knowledge, it's a great group of people.
"T" is for Target Marketing - Target correctly and you will reap the rewards do it wrong and say so hello to list attrition.
"A" is for Automation - It isn't easy but if you master it, you'll have a big leg up on your competition. Put in the time & effort & do it right.
"T" is for Throttling - If your emails are queueing up to major ISP's throttle over a few hours and give your IP's a break they will thank u.
"I" is for IP Reputation - Keep it off RBL's, keep your Sender Score up, don't overwork it, monitor it closely, setup FBL's & it will <3 you back.
"O" is for Optout - If you haven't made opting out as easy as pie, you WILL get complaints and your reputation will suffer. 
"N" is for Nurturing - Find out what your subscribers want, listen, use your preference info and it will grow your engaged subscribers.
What does that spell? REPUTATION. What did I say? REPUTATION. Who can have a good REPUTATION? You can #emailreputation #emailmarketing
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Email Monetization Playbook
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