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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and New Features, Oh My!

I apologize that we haven't posted any updates in a few weeks, we have been VERY busy adding to eLoop 5’s feature list! We have completed work on many small bugs and also a few major developments.  For our clients who use Throttled Campaigns, roll-up reporting is up and running in eLoop 5.  As you did in eLoop 4, you will have the option to view either the "child" or "parent" campaigns from the reporting.  We are going to be adding even more updates to this feature in the coming weeks but we felt that it was important to get the core feature out since it's way overdue – so thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

Our team has also been hard at work enhancing the export sections.  Charts are displaying in full now when exported.  Next up is adding the ability to export subscribers from all of the click-through reports.  This feature should be available next week.

For all you IE users out there – have we got news for you! We’ve made major improvements to the reporting in IE.  If you are an IE user then you can now see clear and detailed reporting as you have been able to in Firefox and other browsers. 

It’s been a monumental week here in the DC area!  First, a pretty decent-sized earthquake that had us clinging to our desks (and grabbing our laptops running out the door) wondering what the heck was going on, and now a major hurricane headed our way.  If you are in the path of Hurricane Irene, please take precautions and stay safe. Have a great weekend!

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