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Monday Morning Cheer - Goooooooooooo Preference Pages!

Good Monday morning all my #emailmarketing peeps. Get psyched for the week with the latest installment of my Monday Morning Cheer. Thanks to our new Community Manager Sara for all her help in getting this out this morning. Goooooooooooo Preference Pages!

"P" is for Preference Pages. Theyre a necessity to your online presence. Do it right&reap the benefits of better list growth #emailmarketing

"R" is for Retention of subscribers. If you aren’t using preference pages correctly or not at all you're losing subscribers! #emailmarketing

"E" is for Elbow grease. Put in the work & you'll be rewarded with a more quality list which = better opens & clicks #emailmarketing

"F" is for Footers. Use custom footers leading to custom Preference Pages to segment your brands. #emailmarketing

"E" is for Easy to navigate. K.I.S.S. Don't make things too hard or subscribers will get frustrated and opt-out #emailmarketing

"R" is for Relevancy. Customize your Pref Pages based on your subscribers & use separate pages for different communications #emailmarketing

"E" is for Edit. Lists names must be relevant (i.e. don't use "List 1" or "Bad Customers"). Test & re-test & test again! #emailmarketing

"N" is for Nothing. Nothing on your Pref Pages = no choices for subscribers. Get ready to watch your lists diminish #emailmarketing

"C" is for Choices. Give subscribers choices to opt-in&out of lists/communication categories & list attrition will decrease #emailmarketing

"E" is for... It's really hard to find this many E words for this cheer :) #emailmarketing

"S" is for Segmentation. Use the data you gather from Preference Pages properly & target subscribers based on their choices #emailmarketing

Whats that spell? PREFERENCES! Remember its easy for subscribers to simply opt-out. Give them choices & your lists will grow #emailmarketing

Kidding aside, Preference Pages are so important for your marketing efforts. If you have any comments or questions hit me up! P.S. thx @Sara_C_Stein

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