With eLoop 5’s Action-Based Messaging (ABM) feature, your business’s marketing can become more dynamic and versatile with a few easy steps.

Key benefits of ABM's include:

As a marketing professional, you are constantly under pressure to maintain and improve your customer engagement. It is no longer acceptable to blindly blast messages and assume the job of retaining that subscriber is done.

Enter eLoop5's Action Based Messaging feature:….

Action Based Messaging allows for extremely specific automated segmentation and follow up without sacrificing valuable time. When a subscriber interacts with a message, it's foolish to ignore that data and not use it to your advantage. Through eLoop5, ABMs can be set up in conjunction with any campaign and will trigger an auto response based on any given action or inaction; effectively continuing the relationship with your subscriber instead of letting the communication fizzle. 

It's so easy to use! Just look for the Action Based Messaging in the campaign module.


Hint: To use ABM's, you must create your automated messages ahead of time. Plan and you will reap the rewards!