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Survey Updates, Bug Fixes, and an AWESOME New Feature...

We are only a few days away from releasing our enhanced social media integration features.  Our development team (AKA, a bunch of perfectionists) have been working extremely hard on the SMI and are wrapping up one last component before the big release.  In the meantime, we are putting the following bug fixes and features into production.

Survey Updates

If you haven't checked out this new module, you don't know what you're missing.  This survey module is as good if not better than anything out there free or paid for.  Not to mention that you can automate campaigns based on peoples responses and actions to make it a very valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.  Because of some of the updates that you will see below, you can’t just think of this as a survey module but a multi-functional form module.

Clear Survey Results - After you've tested and tested your survey you may want to clear your testing answers before going live, well now you can. This feature allows you with the click of a button to clear all of the survey results and start fresh.  Just a reminder that there is no going back, once you have clicked the button and verified your request poof it's gone for good.

Duplicate Survey - We heard from many clients that they wanted the ability to duplicate their surveys, well look no further.  Save yourself a ton of time when creating surveys that are similar by duplicating them.

HTML Blocks - This feature is really AWESOME!  You can now create blocks of HTML to place within your surveys.  This gives you the ability to have a fully customizable splash page before your survey begins or put images, graphs, charts, or whatever your heart desires throughout your Survey.  We have built in an editor right into the HTML blocks so that you can copy and paste HTML from outside the application or use the fully functional editor to really spice up your survey.

Fonts -You can now easily change the font of your titles and headers using a scaled down easy to use editor.

New Buttons - We have added 20 new button styles to spruce up your Survey.  On top of that you can also change the text of the navigation buttons to fit your needs.

Customization - Let's say you don't want this to be a survey but an application, a test, a quiz, a poll, or an Avocado, well you can make it whatever you want now.  All headers, buttons, etc. are now customizable.  I can see it now, "Begin your Avocado by clicking next"

Here are a few bugs that we cleaned up as an added bonus to the survey updates:

Reply Profile bug - If you have multiple domains within your reply profiles you may have noticed that the link url wasn't displaying properly.  If you hadn't noticed, well maybe it was never broken :)  This issue is now resolved and displaying properly along with the ability to choose the url from the drop-down box.  

Moving list type bug - Previously if you moved a list from a suppression list to an outbound list or visa versa, it was also moving the folder it was associated with.  Now if you change a list type it will put the list in the default view (not in a folder) so it can be easily located.

List Statement Bug - The date entered statement for the "last hour" was pulling a subscriber count of your entire database.  We resolved this issue so that it now only pulls subscribers added in the last X hours correctly.  This is a great feature if you mix it with an automated process (drip campaign, auto-responder, etc.) to ensure that your newly added subscribers are getting a timely welcome message.

Hard Bounce Export Bug - Previously if you tried to export (or view) hard bounces from the Campaign Report it was only showing about half of the subscribers.  This issue has been resolved and the full list is now displayed and exported properly.

And for the final update, we give you an all new very powerful feature... Dynamic URL's!  I know, you’re probably scratching your head asking what the heck is a Dynamic URL, well I'm going to tell you.  This concept was originally concocted when we were developing One Click Alerts a few years back but we ended up going a different direction.  Well one of our customers came to us recently describing a feature that they needed and it sparked us to revisit our few year old notes to come up with Dynamic URL's.  It's similar to our RSS to email feature but with a twist of lime.

The concept is simple.  Lets say you have a message  and you want to send it to your subscribers every day but the message data itself changes daily.  You could create a new message every day and setup a new campaign and spend a lot of time rinsing and repeating.  Or, you could create one message (template), update a page on your website, dynamically pull that data down through a dynamic url, and insert it into your template automatically.  Couple this automated feature with a reoccurring campaign and voila, you have more time to eat a bagel and enjoy your coffee .  You can think of the dynamic url as a datapoint within your message.  There are literally hundreds of ways that you can use this feature and we would love to discuss them with you.  If you think that you may be able to use this feature (which in all honesty is probably everyone reading this) and would like some more information, please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave us a comment below.


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