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Congrats To Ari Jacoby!!!

Congratulations to Ari Jacoby, my old friend, confidant and former business partner on the sale of his company VoiceStar to Marchex.  Ari is a new media guru who started his career with me when we co-founded  The ideas behind the marketing at were novel for the time and Ari spearheaded most of those efforts through co-branding relationships.  His success using the co-branding model at was the impetus to the partnership model Ari implemented at VoiceStar.  This model helped VoiceStar to effectively compete in the pay per call marketplace against much better funded competitors.  I'm really proud of Ari and his major accomplishments.  Not only is he a great businessman, he's truly a gentleman with a good heart who deserves the fruits of his hard labor. 

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