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Should social and email messages be redundant?

Asked by Chip Ahlswede, Government Affairs Strategies
"What is the best way to centralize /coordinate all of the external messaging (newsletters, blogs, tweets, Facebook pages etc.) so as to not be redundant?"


When it comes to e-messaging centralization and redundancy are two separate issues. I’m going to answer your question on redundancy since I think this is your real concern. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with cross channel message redundancy. I have multiple reasons for this opinion and all of them centralize around the fact that different markets have channel preferences and consume information in different ways. If you’re servicing multiple markets there is nothing wrong with having the same message as long as the message is packaged according to the market and channel. For example, a promotional Tweet by its nature should be very different than an email. It would probably be best to spend the time learning your different markets’ channel preferences than worry about message redundancy.

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