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Introducing Gold Lasso’s Newest Updates!

We have been working around the clock over the past few weeks to bring you several new features and improvements that will surely enhance your eLoop experience!


The eLoop5 dashboard has been updated with charts and graphs that load faster and are now easier to read. Selecting a date range and loading the corresponding report will now be quicker and more visually pleasing. In addition, the zoom feature will give a more in-depth visual of deliverability statistics. Finally, all dashboard charts can now be printed by right clicking and choosing “print chart”.

Complaint Report:

The new and improved Complaint Dashboard provides you with a snapshot and graphical view of your complaints. Gold Lasso will still continue to automatically suppress your complaints; however this new dashboard will provide you with an improved visualization of your complaint statistics for a particular time period. In addition to the Complaint Dashboard, we will also be adding two new feedback loops, Syncor and Fastmail.

Campaign Report:

Over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen the alert upon entering eLoop that addresses our new and improved bounce processor. Phase 1, which provided a more in depth bounce reason is now complete. For Phase 2 of this process, you will see two new bounce categories, “Reputation Based Bounces” and “Transient Bounces”. Reputation Based Bounces are mail that was unable to be delivered due to a sender reputation issue. These issues include but are not limited to domain/IP blocks, content-related spam flags, ISP deferments, and blacklistings. Up until recently, this information has been reported to you as a soft bounce but we thought our clients would benefit more from breaking this out into its own category. Transient Bounces are mail that never reaches its destination due to an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server maintenance or interruptions. When utilizing the Campaign Report section, you will see two new columns have been added to reflect the addition of these Reputation Based and Transient bounces.

In the Campaign Report section, after choosing an individual report, you will now see several new tabs. The tab entitled “Bounces” shows a breakdown of the top ten domains for bounces, with a new graphical depiction of the bounces by type as well. In this breakdown, the “Sent” column shows the volume of mail sent to a particular domain, where the corresponding “Total Bounces” column shows the percentage of bounces based on the number of emails sent to that domain. While in the “Bounces” tab, clicking the hyperlink for the number of bounces will allow you to view the reason each subscriber bounced, as well as export that data to Excel. As an added feature, this ability is also now available in the “Export” section of eLoop. We’ve placed the necessary links for ISP block removals in the Deliverability module under “ISP Block Info.” You are welcome to attempt block removals on your own using this information. If you need assistance from a Gold Lasso Team Member, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request deliverability consulting.

A new “Complaints” tab has also been added. This shows the overview of complaints for that particular campaign. Finally, the addition of the “Subscriber OS” tab will allow you to monitor which operating system your messages are being opened from. This feature will provide a wealth of knowledge useful in determining how to best target your subscribers and cater your message to their needs.

Export Section:

As noted above, bounce reasons can now be exported for each subscriber by campaign. It is important to note, however, that this feature is only available by individual campaign or parent throttled campaigns. The more descriptive and informative bounce reasons will provide extra assistance in assessing any deliverability issues that you may be experiencing.


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