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Back to Basics: Get Results with Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a primary factor in generating leads and initiating a call to action. But how can you make your campaign the best it can be?

Start with a Solid Email-Marketing List

A well cultivated and relevant list is the most valuable tool any email marketer can have. This means a list that has been carefully compiled, consisting of contacts of a true opted-in nature (not one that has been purchased) and genuinely want to hear from you. It is also important to keep your list up to date. Proper list cleansing and maintenance will ensure the best deliverability possible.

According to the September 2012 Business2Business post, “Get to Know Your Email Marketing List a Little Better,” the size of your marketing list is not nearly as important as the quality.

If you don’t take time to get to know the people in your list, you stand the risk of sending irrelevant, untimely, and potentially boring emails to the majority of your subscribers. This will result in poor engagement—sometimes referred to as email fatigue—and will lead to declining open rates and click-throughs, and ultimately poor sales.

Give Your Message the Creativity it Deserves

In order to produce a truly creative and targeted email, marketers must take into account several key components. The message’s subject line, body content and graphics all come into play.

The subject line should be engaging and include a strong call to action. After all, the first thing viewers will want to know is “what’s in it for me”. The first impression is invaluable. Marketers should make sure to tell subscribers what they want up front, what they will get in return, and then reinforce it several times throughout the email. By grabbing the subscriber’s attention from the start and layering their call to action several times, marketers will increase the strength of the first impression.

Word choice is the next key component. Using action-oriented verbiage will complement the call to action and spur readers to do something. Keep the content useful and timely. Make it too much of a sales pitch and marketers risk turning their readers off.

Finally, marketers should include eye-catching graphics that enhance visual appeal without detracting from the message. In addition to enhancing the appeal, images can also be an effective tool in avoiding wordiness. Supplementary images can lessen the text needed to relay the desired message. However, marketers must keep in mind that an email can quickly become so cluttered with information and graphics that the subscriber is overwhelmed. A well balanced text to image ratio will be the most successful.

Emails are a dime a dozen these days. So email marketing campaigns need to stand out from the crowd and grab the reader’s attention. That is where Gold Lasso excels. We offer complimentary emarketing advice for growing companies and agencies. We can help you craft a successful email marketing campaign. Call us today and let’s get started.

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