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My customers don’t seem to be engaging like they used to. What can you suggest to help reverse this?

Answer by Danielle Ashery, VP Client Services

Email Surveys

Often marketers get stuck in the rut of sending predictable emails, invitations and discounts, coupons and calls to action but nothing seems to motivate their customers. They play the guessing game, trying to figure out what makes their customer tick and what will motivate them to purchase. Doing this not only wastes time and energy, but it is ineffective. When customers do eventually purchase, you can't necessarily pinpoint the motivating factors. This uncertainty prevents marketers from replicating the success. The good news is this doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Business can easily arm themselves with the information needed to have a successful email marketing strategy by leveraging survey tools.

Survey Strategy

Surveys deliver clear feedback on customer thoughts, desires and motivations. Leveraging an incentivized survey strategy will garner valuable feedback from subscribers. Marketers should construct a simple, easy to complete survey with clear up front expectations. Tell your subscribers exactly what sort of commitment they are entering into: how many questions will they be answering, how long will it take to complete and what will they receive in the end. Keeping your survey strategy short and sweet will maximize responses. Limit your survey to around 5 questions and simplify the process as much as possible. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to execute a survey. An engagement map is a particularly unique option. It visualizes the question, increasing customer interest and engagement. Engagement maps also shorten the answering process by limiting the amount of typing involved. Marketers will have an easier time evaluating responses as they will be measuring clicks instead of analyzing written answers. As with any email marketing campaign, marketers should be careful to always test their messages. Certain email clients may not support embedded surveys, so subscribers will need a click through link instead.

Survey feedback

By obtaining feedback from your customers, the opportunities for improved revenue will increase. Customer satisfaction will improve and therefore customers will be more loyal to that brand. This allows businesses to spend their time and money on acquiring new customers to build and expand their business. A successful marketing strategy is as simple as asking customers for their opinions in the right way. Their opinions can quickly shape and transform your business to offer business services that suit customer expectations.

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