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Marketers: Cut Yourselves A Break! Automate.

It’s widely accepted that in order for a company’s marketing efforts to be effective, they must be diverse. Accomplishing this however can cause marketers to spread themselves too thin. Automating processes of repetitive functions or tasks can help combat this and in turn increase marketers’ efficiency. 

There are numerous software platforms available today that can automate and simplify any of your business's repetitive marketing operations. Such platforms come as a web-based or hosted solution, and often involve hardly any installation. Automation platforms can be a true asset to any company as they may be used in a variety of ways to complete a wide range of tasks, from executing and creating campaigns, to measuring and managing programs online. 

What’s in it for me?
This type of software brings together sales and marketing so they can work together to provide the proper kind of follow up to prospects and potential customers. Depending on the potential customers’ interest areas, these solutions can analyze and provide responses to them that are triggered automatically. Once a customer begins to show interest, the marketer can then utilize automation to help narrow and organize this customer into the lead nurturing phase and down the funnel to lead scoring and eventually lead winning. 

Increases Productivity and Efficiencies: Think of what you could accomplish in a day if you could delegate just a handful of your remedial tasks to someone else. Since repetitive tasks will now be automated, more time has been freed up for marketers to focus on other efforts. Why waste man hours when a simple automated process can complete the task? With automation, simple tasks are taken out of sight and therefore out of mind, leaving marketers the opportunity to accomplish more in a day by focusing on the bigger things.

Flexible and Cost Efficient: You can switch up your approach as you see fit on a daily basis, depending on the market and your marketing goals as a whole. This enhanced flexibility is a major advantage over the fast and hard routines of traditional marketing solutions. Also, this type of software is more cost efficient, as processes can continue to run for an extended period of time without upkeep. Marketers will rest easy knowing that potential leads are being nurtured around the clock without any additional time or effort on their part.

Easy to Use: Taking a look at the marketing automation software today, you will see it can be used almost immediately. There is minimal training needed and you can begin using it with little effort. This quick set up adds even more value. Not only can you begin reaping the benefits of the software right away, but you do not lose out on productivity due to a learning curve.

Contact us here at Gold Lasso for more information on marketing automation solutions to help grow your organization. 


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