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Publishers Struggle To Monetize Email

Email Monetization for Publishers

Many publishers struggle to monetize email since there are more constraints compared to the web. As a result of deliverability issues and list exhaustion, CPM rates continue to fall, as advertisers demand more performance from the dollars they invest. Aside from the typical monetization avenues, there are, however, some new ways publishers can deliver results to advertisers while demanding high CPM rates.

Publishers must explore ways other than traditional display ads to deliver the extra value that advertisers are looking for.  Just as clicking editorial links on a website signifies interest or intent, so too do links in an email.  Publishers often ignore the opportunity to make sense of these clicks and monetize them accordingly.  Often times, these clicks not only signify interest but also purchase intent of related products and services and can be immediately monetized at higher rates.  For example, clicks from email editorial mentioning an increase in interest rates can be converted to leads for loans or mortgages.  Or, clicks from email editorial about identity theft can immediately be converted to free trials of credit monitoring services.  Conversion rates for these types of actions are higher because the subject matter is top of mind and a person’s curiosity has peaked.

In addition to publishers overlooking the monetization of these types of email behaviors, advertisers often insist that conversion happen on their microsites or landing pages.  In time, marketers will realize that this age old tactic is wrong for the simple reason that the advertiser has failed to establish trust and often results in abysmal conversion rates. Therefore, in order to circumvent missing trust, advertisers should consider placing conversion forms, etc. on a publisher’s website, within the ad unit, where trust has already been established. Follow up email can then be used to move the newly converted prospect through the sales or marketing funnel.   

Companies like RegReady are currently testing proprietary lead gen ad units that specifically use contextual relevancy in an email in combination with piggybacking off the established trust between publisher and subscriber.  This combination between trust and relevancy are yielding higher conversion rates and command greater returns to the publisher. 

RegReady is currently seeking publishers with proprietary editorial that would like to join our beta testing efforts. 

Benefits include:

1.     Eliminate ESP Costs – free and unlimited access to Gold Lasso’s system.

2.     New Found Revenue.

3.     Use Zero Existing Real Estate.

4.     Keep Visitors On Your Site.

5.     Profession Top-Tier Support & Proactive Deliverability Management.

For more information about our beta testing please download our information sheet here:

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