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Permission Marketing Must Be Transparent To Secure A Meaningful Consumer-Brand Relationship

A recent article at Forbes states that marketing is out of step with the consumer.  Businesses must understand that consumers are in control through information sharing and social media recommendations and other behaviors.  We are in an era where consumers are developing an interest in a brand’s activities.  In designing a successful permission-based marketing strategy you can leave no gaps between what you say and what you do.  Permission marketing must be transparent to secure a meaningful consumer-brand relationship.  

The First Rule Of Transparency Is To Be Open And Honest

For example, if you are a startup business, be proud of that fact and don’t try to inflate experience or financial data just to get that new customer.  It may work well in the beginning, but usually lies require more lies to cover them up.  People who feel you are being totally up front about your business will be more likely to give you permission to send them more information about your products or services.  Even if prospects turn you down, they will most likely appreciate and remember your being totally honest when you’re in a better position to serve their needs.

In Order To Be Transparent You Must Be Accessible

Can consumers contact you if they have questions or concerns?  There is simply nothing worse than arriving at a business website that does not contain clear and precise contact information.  It’s almost like the business is ashamed of being there.  Your website may contain a lot of information, but can the average consumer convert that information into knowledge?  Consumers want information, not advertising.  Remember, you’re asking total strangers to allow you to provide them more information about your company.  If they feel you are trying to trick them or hide information from them, they more than likely will not opt-in to your offer.

Building More Transparency Through Consumer Education And Engagement

You must use your website, blog, and social media to place your company in the position of being a valuable resource for consumer information.  This can be accomplished  by sharing information or just answering questions about your business or industry.  You must learn that your opinion on a topic is not the only one.  Always respect and respond to all comments or recommendations in a positive way.  Social media audiences will learn that your business cares about its customers if you will deliver your message in a way that is open, transparent, and helpful.  People want to learn more about businesses who have established their credibility.

With all the recent scandals, bailouts and financial crises that have damaged consumers’ trust in business, transparency is a critical part of conducting business.  People want to buy from those they can trust.  Injecting transparency in your permission based marketing strategy will show the humanistic side of your business. You can show that it’s not just about money and sales, but there are real people with real lives.  To be a good marketer, you must be a good listener.

RegReady is a transparent, fair and balanced customer acquisition community helping you develop true opt-in marketing lists and sales leads. We are advocates of quality customer relationships developed through permission-based marketing and education. We help you find prospects motivated to ask for more information. Contact us  today to see how it works.


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