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Murray Newlands & John Rampton Release New Performance Marketing Book

Online marketing authorities Murray Newlands and John Rampton recently teamed up on “Performance Marketing for Professionals,” a brand new eBook that focuses on how to get started and become successful in this rapidly evolving industry. “Performance Marketing for Professionals“ details topics ranging from affiliate marketing, to media buying, to SEO, offering hands-on industry experience and expert insights from Newlands and Rampton, plus a handful of other Internet marketing leaders.

Throughout it’s 14 chapters, “Performance Marketing for Professionals” offers great advice on becoming an affiliate, crafting successful email campaigns, and designing landing pages, making it a great resource for novice Internet marketers. However, this book is not just a newbie’s guide, as it also offers in-depth coverage of and expert tips on Facebook ad buying, Google and Bing PPC campaigns, and competitive intelligence. So, whether you are just starting out and are looking for a textbook to help get you started, or you an experienced digital marketer who is looking for some new ideas, “Performance Marketing for Professionals” is a great place to find all the information you need.

As we read through the book, one of our favorite chapters had to be the one focused on email marketing. It’s a comprehensive chapter on the subject that not only walks you through the steps of what a great email campaign needs, but it also offers some great insights into design and other factors that sometimes get overlooked.

“When people ask about making money with Email marketing, I have one simple answer, which is, send people what they want to receive,” the book explains. “You should know where they opted in and what they opted in for, so be sure to send them related things that they will like, click on, and sign up to use or purchase. If someone registers for a competition to win a vacation on your site, then send them more information about other people’s competitions to win a vacation. If they registered for a loan application, send them more finance related offers. If you blindly send irrelevant offers then there’s no value in your Emails. If you send good quality content in the form of a deal or a newsletter, customers may even send it on and help grow your list.“

From there the chapter delves into topics such as list development, co-registration, subject lines, deliverability, design, and more.

For all of this and much more, be sure to pick up Murray and John’s new book “Performance Marketing for Professionals” from their website—after all, where else can you get so much information for only $4?


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