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Understanding The Different Phases Of A Marketing Lead Funnel

If you were to ask any online marketer – “What is the biggest problem you face in your online business?”, the most common answer would probably be – “Developing an effective lead generation and lead management strategy”.  Businesses must learn how best to move away from the old mass-marketing strategy to target marketing.  The lead funnel is probably the missing element of most marketing programs.  Businesses must learn how to move quality leads through the different phases of a marketing lead funnel.

Lead Generation – The Wide Area Of The Funnel
An effective lead generation strategy is critical to filling the top of the lead funnel.  Obviously, the more quality website visitors you have, the better chance of converting more visitors into quality leads, and eventually customers.  Two of the major problems in this area are the lack of online presence and the lack of content-fuelled SEO.  The days of writing content to please search engines are over.  The key to web content is to write to please the tastes of your target audience.  Compelling calls to action will be the key to creating high interest in the product or service you’re offering.  A business blog will help immensely in building your brand and also help establish a good reputation for your business. Developing a social media strategy that works best for your business can be a key factor in quality lead generation efforts.  It is important to understand that all lead generation efforts must be totally up-front and transparent.

Lead Cultivation – The Middle Section Of The Funnel
Lead cultivation or nurturing allows you to move your quality leads through the sales funnel. This process allows you to actually position your business and build a connection with your target audience.  Lead cultivation must be designed to attract the right buyers and create a demand for your products or services.  This is an opportunity to educate and build relationships.

Lead Conversion – The Smallest Section Of The Funnel
The content of your website or blog, in addition to educating your prospects on your products and services, must also provide tips and information on how to make the best vendor selection. You must show your visitors how your product or service can best meet their needs or solve their problem.  Lead conversion is all about focusing on key problems and issues.  This phase of the funnel must be more than simply focusing on you.

The successful transition from lead to customer is by no means the end of the marketing process.  It is the post-sale process that really secures your customer base and stimulates customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. Many online businesses fail simply because they do not have an effective post-sale strategy. 


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