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Moving Prospects Down The Lead Funnel With Quality Content

Many marketers struggle to move prospects through their lead funnel once the top of it is filled with prospects.  Since most prospects differ in specific needs and buying schedules consistent engagement and nurturing is needed to facilitate sales funnel movement.  Therefore, marketers need to intensely focus on their content market strategy in order to ensure hitting their sales goals.  Let’s look at some effective ways of moving prospects down the lead funnel with quality content:

Content Must Be Designed With A Purpose

The ultimate purpose of content, whether it be a website, blog, or social media posts, must be to convert a total stranger to a permission-based lead and ultimately to a loyal customer.  Consider your own web search activities for a moment.  If you wanted to buy lead management software, what would you actually look for?  Are you more concerned about a lot of advertising bragging about the cheapest price, or are you looking for information to help you solve a problem?  Your visitors are just like you; they are looking for relevant information. Understanding the content people want and need should be the key to your purpose.

Content Must Attract Permission-Based Leads To The Top Of The Funnel

Attracting leads to your website or blog might include a number of different methods.  Since you are attempting to attract people who don’t even know you exist, SEO is a very important factor in attracting leads to the top of your lead funnel.   To gain access to the top of search engines, all website and blog content must be relevant, current, and properly optimized to meet the strict requirements of the ever evolving algorithms.  Properly designed landing pages and calls to action play a significant role in convincing visitors to give you information, like an email address.  Once prospects have actually requested more information, your email or direct mail marketing campaigns can be custom designed to meet the needs of the consumer.

Content Must Nurture Leads From Prospects To Customers

Your content marketing strategy is now moving quality permission-based leads through your lead funnel. The next step is to nurture these leads by establishing trust and building relationships.  You have the opportunity of establishing your company as an expert through effective email or direct mail campaigns, blogs, or social media marketing.  By scoring these leads, you know when to send them the right piece of new content.  Content that is totally honest and transparent will gradually change some of these nurtured leads into sales.  Content marketing must continue even after the lead has been converted.  Proper follow ups with additional education and value can leave a lasting impression that will not only generate repeat sales, but will increase your leads through word-of-mouth advertising.

When a prospect gives you information and let’s you know what they like, you know exactly what to give them.  By delivering quality content to a permission-based audience, conversions will come more quickly and your lead funnel will flow more freely.

RegReady is a transparent, fair and balanced customer acquisition community helping you develop true opt-in marketing lists and sales leads. We are advocates of quality customer relationships developed through permission-based marketing and education. We help you find prospects motivated to ask for more information. Contact us today to see how it works.


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