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Lead Sharing: How to do it Right

There has been a lot of buzz these days about information privacy. People generally want their information to be, and assume it will remain, private. However, in today's digital age that is not always the case. The result? Unhappy customers.

One of the ways in which this can happen is inappropriate lead sharing. This happens when a company collects information on a customer, then sells or gives away that information after having led the customer to believe that their information will be kept private. It's a startlingly common practice, but it can and should be prevented.

One fool proof way to prevent this from happening is to abstain from lead sharing all together. If someone opts into your email or physical mailing list, do not share or sell this information. Unfortunately, this isn't always a feasible option. Some companies need to share their leads to get more leads themselves.

The next best option, in that case, is to only conduct lead sharing with other related companies who share your same set of business ethics. Don't go giving your leads out to just anyone who asks. This will not settle well with customers, as it shows a lack of respect for their trust and privacy. Instead, only share leads with partners or closely related companies with whom you have a mutual understanding of best practices.

One additional tip: Never sell leads. Money can be made by selling people's contact information, but the practice is widely considered unethical. The simple solution is to not engage in this practice to begin with. Sharing leads with related companies is one thing. Selling them to anyone who asks is entirely another.

So there you have it, a few easy tips to keep your lead sharing ethical and well-managed. Doing things right is a sure-fire way to build a customer base...and doing them wrong, inversely, can ruin your business.


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