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Building Opt-In Marketing Lists To Take Your Business To A New Level

Opt-in marketing is a process of obtaining permission from willing customers to subscribe to a service offered by your company. This service could come in any number of forms, be it newsletters, catalogs or other promotional materials. Permission-based marketing provides the opportunity of building pure opt-in marketing lists that have the power to take your business to a new level.

Opt-in marketing is not difficult to master; however, it does take a good deal of patience and a well thought out strategy. With a little effort, you can open your business to a whole new world of opportunities through target marketing. You will build a more targeted list of prospects, since they have already shown an interest in what you have to offer and they have willingly signed up. There are many different approaches in building marketing lists, but no matter what approach you use, important elements should include the following:

Effective Marketing Begins With Web Design

A business website must be designed from the customer’s point of view. It must be impressive, yet at the same time simple, intuitive and easy to use. The homepage must capture the visitor’s attention quickly, so load time is very important. Useless graphics and flash objects will slow down the load time and should be used sparingly. Visitors will normally begin by scanning the web page instead of reading every word, so it is important to have short paragraphs with interesting, bold content.

An Effective Sign-Up Form

Opinions differ as to whether a sign-up form should be placed on the homepage or a separate individual page. The homepage is usually the only page where you will have the chance of establishing a good first impression of your business. If the visitor is impressed, a simple sign-up form beneath the page content might be very appropriate. If the sign-up form is to be placed on a separate page, that page must be focused entirely on the form. Unnecessary links and graphics could distract visitors and cause them to forget exactly why they came to this page.

Provide Good Service and Products

Visitors must see some value for themselves in order to give out their names and e-mail addresses. Your goal in permission-based marketing is to build relationships based on trust, transparency and value. If customers are satisfied with your product or service, they will likely tell others. Word of mouth advertising is extremely valuable and can enhance your marketing efforts, so it is important to always be mindful of how others view the product or service you provide.

Keep Marketing List Private

Establishing trust is critical in building an opt-in marketing list. If people can’t trust you, they will not buy from you. Sharing marketing lists with others can lead to your customers receiving many unwanted e-mails. Inevitably, as a result they just might unsubscribe from you. A good reputation will not only drive more traffic and subscribers, but it will also strengthen the loyalty of your current customers. The key to using an opt-in marketing list effectively is to develop a large base of subscribers who have given you permission to contact them. The competition on the internet is fierce, and visitors must have an incentive to sign-up for your service.

RegReady is a transparent, fair and balanced customer acquisition community helping you to develop true opt-in marketing lists and sales leads. We are advocates of quality customer relationships developed through permission-based marketing and education. We help you find prospects motivated to ask for more information. Contact us today to see how it works.


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