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A Content Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

Content marketing in its simplest terms is the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a defined target audience. If your business has an established website or blog and you send email messages to prospects, you already have a content marketing strategy, but how well is it meeting your goals of attracting new customers? Let’s take a look at some key factors that can help your business establish a content marketing strategy that actually works.

Content Marketing Must Be Defined By Business Goals

Before any business can establish an effective marketing strategy, it must first understand its overall objectives and missions. For example, is your business objective to attract new customers or build awareness of your brand? By understanding your own needs before trying to focus on the needs of your readers, you will be able to take advantage of the right marketing platforms and be able to develop relevant and valuable content your readers will want to receive. Obviously, the ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit, but unfortunately, many businesses totally ignore the word “quality”. If your current content marketing strategy involves forcing your message on consumers, you are headed in the wrong direction. A well-developed and tested permission-based marketing system will accomplish your intended goals and build the credibility you need.

Content Marketing Demands Great Content

Remember, the key definition of successful content marketing is delivering “relevant” and “valuable” content. We all receive unwanted emails everyday filled with nothing but garbage trying to sell us “stuff”. Effective relevant content will set your business apart from the other guys. To design an effective content marketing strategy, you must stop, think, and behave differently. It is great content that the major search engines want to rank well in search results. Great content is what generates word-of-mouth exposure on social networks. Great content can achieve the same results of traditional advertising – getting people to know and trust the brand of your business.

Prospects Don’t Want To Be Sold – They Want To Buy

Customers and prospective customers seem to be no longer interested in the world of marketing. Many people record their favorite shows or movies so they can just skip over all the commercials. People go online with the hopes of finding meaningful information that they can use to make an informed decision, without being bombarded with buttons and banners that are totally irrelevant. By delivering consistent, valuable information to potential buyers, they will ultimately reward you with their loyalty and their business.

Delivering your message to those who have requested it, by means of an established permission-based marketing system, will allow you to execute sales messages that are needed, even requested, by your potential and existing customers. 


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