There were days in Internet marketing where “acquisition” simply meant getting a lot of traffic to a website. It seemed as though businesses weren’t really concerned about what happened when the traffic arrived, they just wanted to get website visitors. Today, mass marketing has been replaced by target marketing and online businesses are beginning to realize that acquisition marketing is driven by the customer’s experience.

Target Customers Must Become Aware Of Your Product or Service

Obviously, the first hurdle in establishing an effective customer acquisition strategy is making the consumer aware of your product or service. It is no longer enough to rely solely on a well-designed business website to attract a target audience. With the growing popularity of social media, online businesses have a better opportunity to promote their brand and establish trust and confidence in their company. Content optimization, link building, social media, and strategic partnerships all can yield effective results for years to come. Designing permission-based e-mail and direct mail marketing campaigns ensures your message is delivered to those who asked to receive it.

Target Customers Must Learn How Your Products Are Unique

Marketing strategies must focus on how your product or service can best meet the needs of the consumer. The entire process must be easy for the consumer and you must understand their mindset, needs and concerns. With this understanding, you can offer extra information or product assurance through customer testimonials. Another unique quality of your business could be that you are totally honest and transparent in all dealings with consumers.

Target Customers Must Be Convinced To Buy

The acquisition of new customers depends on how well your business can build comprehensive relationships with the general public. Whether it is through advertising, promotions or some other motivation, persuasion is what eventually convinces a prospective customer to buy.

Looking out for your customers’ interests makes acquisition marketing a long-term process. Satisfied customers will buy from you more than once and they will produce more sales through referrals. Customer acquisition techniques must change as technology changes. To remain in competition and maintain a high acquisition rate, you must always explore new methods to entertain customers.

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