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Acquisition marketing is the same - but it's different too!

Acquisition marketing is another trite marketing term for getting new business. Every resource used to acquire new customers through marketing, whether it is a paid website or relationship building, falls into the acquisition net. A company using this type of marketing is simply acquiring customers through whatever marketing means necessary.

This might seem simple enough, but acquisition marketing doesn't stop at focusing on growth. An acquisition marketer must always be be on their "A" game acquiring new knowledge. This type of marketing moves beyond researching who uses the company's products; the marketer is also learning as much as possible about the industry as a whole. Companies similar to the one with which the marketer works are of utmost importance. The marketer must always know what the other companies are doing in regards to advertising then must proceed to learn how to do it better. Keeping an eye on the competition will help align the needs of the current market with the business goals to help an acquisition marketer stay on top of necessary advertising.

Looking to the future is the final big step in acquisition marketing that will help line up the company goals with the marketing strategies. The marketer or marketing team needs to have a vision for their own department. Where will marketing be in a year or two? Will they remain in a position to continually help the growth of the company? The future of the marketing team is as important as the future of the company in terms of growth. If the marketer or marketing team does not have a plan to help the company reach its growth potential, the reasons to continue with acquisition marketing diminish.


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