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Four Thoughts About Quality List Growth

There’s a consensus among marketers that one of the hardest things to do is to continually grow a quality opt-in list. Aside from using RegReady to help aid you with this process, below are some quick tips to ensure your gaining quality of quantity. Remember, building an opt-in marketing lists of highly responsive subscribers is no different than starting any type of quality relationship.

1.  Be transparent and outline benefits

Be upfront and clear on your sign-up page or welcome email what you will be using your subscribers’ email addresses for and the frequency of your sends.  Of course in order to gain quantity it is important to outline all the benefits associated with your opt-in email communications program.  Use short bullet points to outline your email’s value.  Once your audience feels is comfortable with your value proposition they will convert to subscribers.

2.  Incentivized opt-Ins = some nuggets and lots of crap

Incentives work well for quantity, but not necessarily for quality.  If you’re incentivizing opt-ins with discounts or contests, make sure you clean these addresses in real time with a service such as LeadSpend.  Many subscribers use temporary or disposable email addresses in addition to fictitious ones for curiosity purposes.

3.  If you do use incentives, create urgency.

Adding a time limit or countdown to a free incentive always helps to increase your opt-in rate. If your audience is convinced that the time limit is legitimate, they will make an instant decision, rather than waiting. Advanced online marketers use this approach all the time with success.

4.  Know your statistics

Once your site has achieved predictable traffic patterns, your opt-in rate should remain steady. This is when you should test different placement, incentives, etc.  Test one variable at a time for the exact amount of time and evaluate if there is an increase in conversions. Conversion rats for blogs tend to be higher than other types sites however, if you are just sending traffic directly to a squeeze page without blog traffic, expect these rates to be lower. Your goal should be to always find ways to attract quality subscribers that will become engaged and loyal customers.


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