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Why Companies Need to Build an Opt-in Marketing Lists

Permission based marketing campaigns require that potential consumers give your their permission before directly marketing to them. Opt-in marketing is a branch of permission marketing that is most widely known for its application toward email campaigns. The term "opt in" itself means that a contact has agreed to receive information from you. This is an important aspect of email marketing.

Clients that opt-in to receive messages from your company are more likely to be interested in your products. Getting your contacts to agree to receive information from you on a regular basis is the first step in establishing a customer base.

Companies that use a permission based approach toward marketing are 200% more likely to convert contacts into sales. Opt-in marketing lists are filled with people that have already expressed a personal interest in your product or service. On top of that, your contacts are more likely to identify with your brand over time. The familiarity of your brand will build trust. As more people are familiar with a trusted brand, sales of their product or service are bound to climb.
Adding an opt-in email subscription sign up link to your page adds value to your blog or website. This approach allows you to stay in contact with website visitors since the have already expressed interest in your product or service simply by visiting your page. Opt-in marketing campaigns also allow website visitors the opportunity to learn more about your company and it’s approach before making a purchase decision.    

Moreover, Opt-in marketing lists are naturally generated by the intergration of social media networks. Social media has grown into an international platform for business and social exchange. The amount of sales that are generated from social media can determine the success or failure of entire companies.

Companies that build a strong presence in social media are in a perfect position to capitalize on opt-in marketing. Adding an email sign-up box to your social media pages or posting a signup link for your friends can greatly increase the success of your venture. By integrating your opt-in marketing campaign into your social activities, you gain the opportunity to interact with people that are truly interested in your product.

To learn more about how opt-in marketing campaigns can be beneficial to the growth of your company contact us.


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