Feature Spotlight: Dynamic Content For Foolproof Messages

Dear ,
Thank you for signing up for our {city name} Newsletter! We are pleased to provide you with the latest news from {county name}, {state} and beyond.
~{county name } news team

Look familiar? We’ve all been there. You’ve signed up for a new service, newsletter, or daily deal. Anxiously awaiting your first message, you are sadly disappointed when something similar to the above abomination lands in your inbox. If only the designers of that message knew what we know. Even if your subscriber skimps on the info they provide in their signup form, you can still send them relevant and more importantly, professional, content. It’s as simple as throwing a few default slugs into your message by way of dynamic content. So instead of “Dear (blank),” you can greet your new subscriber as “Dear Friend,”. And rather than confusing them with unfulfilled data fields, you can populate actual content in its place. So, your message would look more like this:

Dear Friend,
Thank you for signing up for our Newsletter! We are pleased to provide you with the latest news from your city, the surrounding area, and beyond.
~your city news team

It doesn’t end there. The same can be applied to images. Because let's be serious, there’s not much worse than a message that’s clearly missing its main attention grabbing image. Why bother reading that, right? I know I don’t have time for that. So if your message depends on a data field to populate a specific image, we’ve got you covered. With dynamic content you can rest assured that your subscribers will never pass over your message because of an MIA image. Simply choose a default based on whatever criteria you desire, and send away, knowing that every single message that’s sent is complete, even if the information your subscribers have provided is not.