Publishers, Don’t Miss the Mobile Email Opportunity!

“It shouldn’t be called a smartphone. It should really be called a “smart-inbox.”
- Dave Hendricks, President of LiveIntent

With a little calculation of the time you spend on your smartphone, you can probably see where he’s coming from. How much time do you spend per day on your smartphone making phone calls? Okay, now how much time do you spend on your smartphone checking your email? Hmmm…. If you’re like 91% of smartphone users, you check email at least once a day - and probably more.


In fact, 23% of every mobile Internet hour is spent in email - more than any other activity, including social networks and entertainment. 52% of email opens overall happen on mobile devices.

So that device in your hand is a smart-inbox that you can also use for voice communications, should you so choose.

The mobile email opportunity is clearly there. Are you, as a publisher, taking advantage of it?  

Even if you are, you have competition. Hubspot’s report on how digital publishers are approaching monetization shows that almost 90% of all digital publishers are involved in email marketing to some extent. (Check out the last bar on the graph.)

publisher technology used.png

With all the inbox competition, what’s going to keep smartphone users opening YOUR emails?

Stay tuned for next week when we share the Four W’s of Winning Mobile Emails.