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Creative Tips For Email Newsletter

Creativity and innovation can make or break your e-publication.  With an online platform, you must write copy and include dynamic content that will stimulate the reader’s attention and, ideally, convince them to forward the message to colleagues and friends widening your readership.  

Below are tips to remind you to cover the basics and explore the publication’s creative side.   

  • Use an HTML template and a text version to ensure your reader’s receive the message. 

  • Implement a double-opt in policy for all subscribers—it’s just good practice.

  • Don’t include long articles, multi-column layouts, unrelated links or gratuitous images.  Keep writing simple and to the point. 

  • Don’t overuse links.  Keep them relevant and make sure they work.

  • Use bulleted lists to break up text and summarize main points for the reader. 

  • Include only two - three subjects per newsletter. More than a few articles will test your audience’s attention span. 

  • Use Variable Data Printing (VDP) to personalize the message (i.e. using your data points to address the message as “Dear Mike” instead of “Dear Sir”).  A small gesture that can lead to higher response rates. 

  • Dynamic content leads to dynamic messages.  Customize the message by region, reader preferences, age or other demographics.  You collected the data for a reason, now use it.

  • Send a welcome message to new subscribers. Give them a reason to praise your customer service and attention to detail. 

  • Include a survey or poll into the message. It is a quick tool to gather general data and include your reader in the message. 

  • Use the expertise available to you.  Brainstorm with staff members who have interaction with your readers and may understand their needs, use the knowledge of your marketing team and call on your email service provider for advice and guidance. 

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