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The Follow-Up Frenzy - eLoop Feature Spotlight

In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be nice to plan all your email marketing follow-up by clicking a button? The good new is with Gold Lasso’s eLoop™ you can!

eLoop’s Action-Based Messaging™ (ABM) allows you to automate the delivery of personalized messages based on a recipients action or in-action in prior messages. With the click of a button you can schedule one, two, three or even 20 follow-up messages. Take a look at how ABM works:

Example: ABC Company sends an introductory email to all prospects and customers announcing their new Web site. Within the message, they give links to the Web site, product information, event information, and press releases. eLoop™ automatically tracks all the links within the message so you know how many recipients clicked on each link.

Now, the key is to follow up based on what the recipient did or did not click on.

Message 1: ABC Company drafts an email thanking recipients for visiting their Web site. It is automatically sent to all those who clicked on the Web site link within the message.

Message 2: ABC Company has an email that further promotes their products. This email is sent to all those that clicked on the product information link.

Message 3: ABC Company has an email on registration and hotel information for their upcoming convention. This is sent to all those that clicked on the event information link.

Message 4: ABC Company has a monthly e-mail newsletter on industry news. The latest issue is sent to all those who clicked on the press release link.

Message 5: Of course, there will always be recipients that do not click on anything at all. Maybe they were too busy, maybe you caught them at the wrong time. Don’t give up!

Set the initial message to go out again to all those that did not click on any links at all.

Effective follow-up is the key to successful marketing. Gold Lasso has automated this process so follow up is easy, creative and personalized. Around here we’ve dubbed it “set it and forget it” – and it truly is as simple as that!

Danielle Ashery is VP, Client Services at Gold Lasso, Inc. She can be reached by telephone at 301-990-9857 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit Gold Lasso at


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