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Feature Spotlight: Campaign Types A/B Splits, Time-Released and Throttled Campaigns

A/B Split Campaigns
Testing is the only way to know for sure what works best with your email campaigns and your subscribers. The most common way marketers test their email campaigns is with A/B splits. A/B split campaigns allow you to randomly split your list between two or more messages. The benefit is that you can test the success of different campaign elements, such as subject lines, from lines, or other content, to find out which work best. eLoop reports each message and its respective portion of the list as a separate campaign. You can then plan your future campaigns based on the  outcomes and recipients’ responses to the variables.
Time-Release Campaigns
Eloop’s time release campaign (drip) module helps with the lead nurturing process ensuring that timely, relevant and branded information reaches your recipients.  Whether your lead nurturing is based on time intervals, behavioral or demographic variables, eLoop’s time release campaigns can help.
Basic Time Release (Basic Drip)
If your sales cycle is seasonal, revolves around a specific date or is based on distinctive timeframes, then implementing a basic time release (drip) campaign could be right for you.  With a basic time release campaign you can design a string of personalized emails (using merge fields and dynamic content) to be sent in various pre-determined sequences.  This allows you to automatically stay top of mind with your prospects.
Time Release Based on Behavior
Trying to sell big ticket items just doesn’t take time, it takes education.  By coupling time release campaigns with web pages visited, links clicked and forms completed, you can automatically target the right information more aggressively to your prospects helping with the educational process.
Time Release Based on Demographic Variables

To ensure relevance, marketers need to personalize their campaigns based on a host of variables however continual list segmentation and personalization can become difficult with changing demographics such as age, marriage, kids, etc.  With eLoop A.I. you can create multi-year time release campaigns with messages that automatically change with demographic or other data variable updates.  

Throttled Campaigns
Throttled campaigns in eLoop allow you to break up your sending schedule over a defined period of time. This process is especially useful when you are a new sender with a large list trying to build a good sender reputation. Throttling is also used to avoid the overwhelming of your recipient’s mail servers. In eLoop, this is done at the software level, managed by the user as opposed to the hardware level which is managed by the ESP.

To learn more about these features, please contact the Gold Lasso client support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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