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New White Paper - Deliverability

The email industry has changed. Learn reasons for these changes and how all marketers need to change the way they strategize campaigns in order to ensure good deliverability and fewer spam complaints.

Gold Lasso's new white paper is available to anyone for free from our website... continue reading this post for more information...


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Marketers Challenged by Consumers' Perception of SPAM


In growing efforts to combat email SPAM, ISPs continue to put more power into consumers’ hands. Consumer desire for controlling SPAM (or perceived spam) is what drove Gmail and Hotmail to introduce priority in-boxes, a way for the user’s interaction with emails to be used to determine future in-box placement.

The key word in this trend is “perceived.” Many marketers following email best practices still find themselves managing SPAM complaints through feedback loops. So why is this happening?


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Debunking 13 Email Deliverability Myths to Help You Succeed

The below information has been gathered from countless hours of assisting our clients with their day-to-day deliverability needs.  A lot of research and hands-on experience has gone in to debunking these very common deliverability myths.  Unlike when Geraldo uncovered a big goose egg in Al Capone’s vault, I’m hoping that these revelations will help you boost your deliverability and provide necessary information to lead you to success.

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Cost Shifts from Channel to Production; Growing Need to Educate Marketing Staff

Marketing Trend

Our trendwatchers are seeing a growing need for even the savviest of marketers to educate themselves on workflow improvements. The concept of how to mass-produce automated marketing campaigns (without reliance on excessive human interaction) is not difficult to implement, yet many businesses aren’t aware of the right strategies. Furthermore, while the cost of marketing mediums has decreased due to the rapid growth of online advertising opportunities, production costs have skyrocketed. This leaves marketing budgets vulnerable to what our experts call The 21st Century Marketing Paradox – a cost shift from channel to production. 

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eLoop Uptime 100% through Storms

It's somewhat funny that we find ourselves emailing you again regarding the weather. This year has been brutal for our region -- with mountains of crippling blizzards and now this. As you may have seen in the national news, nearly half a million homes and businesses lost power Sunday and many are still without electricity. It's the worst outage since '03 Hurricane Isabel. 

We are happy to report that due to Gold Lasso business continuity practices, eLoop users had full access access to the system during this time.

Our Commitment to You
Our systems ran smoothly throughout the 70MPH winds that knocked out power lines. Technical staff even worked through the night constantly testing system connectivity to ensure users had no problems, and were ready even at 4am to institute backup systems just in case. No backups were required, and systems were fully operational.

We thank you all for the inquiries. Most employees were affected in some way by the loss of electricity, air conditioning and cable/internet -- but are all thankfully safe.

Just as we did during the snowstorms earlier this year, Gold Lasso will continue to devote resources to ensuring your access to eLoop (regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way). If there are ever any questions about how systems are impacted, check our Facebook and/or Twitter pages for up-to-date status updates.

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