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Gold Lasso Has a New Proven Service to Help Grow Your Email Lists

Gold Lasso’s RegReady is a fast growing co-registration network – serving hundreds of websites and processing hundreds of thousands of co-registrations. RegReady’s co-registration network serves both publishers and advertisers.

What is Co-Registration?
Co-registration is an advertising methodology specifically used to build lists and generate sales leads.
How is it Done?
It is done by putting contextually relevant ads in the path of a Website’s registration form, hence the name “co-registration.”
Co-registration traditionally has seen many methodologies and has experienced mixed results primarily due to the many blind models that were created. RegReady is exactly the opposite, it is a 100% transparent network of website and e-newsletter publishers across 35 different verticals. It is designed to give publishers the ability to create a new revenue stream from their website’s registration form submissions with other publishers in the network of their own choosing. It also allows these same publishers to generate 100% real time transparent opt-in leads directly from other publishers websites. There is no upfront cost and no obligation to participate!

Some notable organizations that are already participating include:  
• MarketingVOX
• iMedia Connection
• DemandGen Report
• MarketingSherpa
• Retailer Daily
• AdRants
So, you ask:
Why Be a Publisher?
• Leverage an untapped revenue stream for your organization
• Expand the reach of your brand across partner publisher’s audiences
• Have full control of your relationships with advertisers and veto inappropriate ads or relationships to your organization’s vision
• The ability to co-mingle your brand to your other brand’s audiences
• Create your own private network of partners and add more value to your internal advertising sales

Why Be an Advertiser?
• Generate real time leads, qualified leads
• Integrates with eLoop auto responders and time released messaging.
• 100% lead source transparency, no guessing if leads are new or if they have heard of you
• Supplement your existing email subscription database and replenish your pipeline
• Great source for replenishing normal email list attrition due to bounces, the unsubscribed and normal list hygiene depletion
• Cost of leads is based upon open bid model, no fixed price (open market model determines real cost of lead, open auction similar to Google Adwords or eBay’s’ bidding models)
Interested in being an Advertiser or Publisher? Click here
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Gold Lasso is now Tweeting!

Gold Lasso is now on Twitter and folks have been sending me requests to be one of my "Tweeps" since I opened up the account a few weeks ago.

If you want to follow us on Twitter, feel free, the door is open.

 I plan on sharing information on the email marketing world, and of course what's cooking at Gold Lasso.

To follow me , just go to and follow us.

Hope we see all of our new Tweeps following us soon,


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The Death of Foward to A Friend

I'm officially declaring that the Forward to a Friend feature email service providers include in their application as the most stupid thing ever created.  Yes, we at Gold Lasso are just as stupid for including it in eLoop.  The simple fact is that since 100% of the most common used email clients have a forward email feature people use that instead.  The Forward to a Friend gimmick is a failed attempt by email service providers to incorporate "viral" marketing tools into their applications.  We tried to reinvent the wheel and we failed.  The only thing we email service providers can do to save face is to hope that our Forward to a Friend feature reminds people to use their forward button.

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