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Gold Lasso's Joint Study With Azam Marketing Reveals Five Variables of Scaling Email Volume

We are happy to introduce to you our newest whitepaper, in collaboration with Azam Marketing, entitled The Five Variables of Scaling Email Volume.  It is free for all to download in our resources section.

In collaboration with Azam, we have uncovered the complex balance of scaling and successfully executing a high volume email campaign and are overjoyed to be able to share that knowledge with you.

This whitepaper addresses the importance of the five key components for success in scaling email volume: Sender reputation, bounces, list management and cleansing, content and engagement, and finally, technology. We believe these components can be mastered if the following key points are kept in mind:

• Managing deliverability for high volume is a joint effort between the ESP and client.
• Reputation success stems from data cleanliness and a good sending strategy.
• Abrupt strategy changes can cause issues and must be planned.
• There is no direct line to the ISPs. Vigilance and responsible sending practices are a must.
• Be prepared for a long scaling process. Extreme volume swings will not be effective.


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Trend: Marketing Masters: They’re Publishing Content. Are You?

If you’re not creating content, start! If you are, create more!

These days marketing success goes beyond banners, email and search engine marketing. With the proliferation of digital channels and the screens that support them, marketers need to invest more in content development that entertains, delights, educates and moves their customers to buy. In the past decade, the quants overtook marketing departments at the cost of creativity, resulting in a sea of mediocre content.

Since the demand for content is growing to a louder beat, balance is gradually being restored as companies rush to strengthen their customer bonds through videos, blogs, social media and games. Contrary to the trend, effective content development doesn’t require big budgets. In fact, small to medium sized businesses in particular can master content marketing without blowing their creative budgets and in a way that adds value to their brand.

Almost a year ago, we wrote about the value of a strong content marketing campaign in our post “Giving Content Development High Priority”. Back then we stressed its importance as a foundation for marketing automation. However, today the value of quality content goes far beyond that. Tony Quin, CEO of IQ, a full service agency said in a recent post for Marketing Daily that “compelling content is the currency that buys your customer’s attention and affection long before they reach the stage of comparing features and benefits.” Knowing this, its obvious that every business CAN and SHOULD be a publisher. There is an immense amount of marketing clutter out there for businesses to compete with. Creating content that adds value to your brand will be what separates you from the competition.

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Gold Lasso Helps Curb List Attrition With Enhanced Preference Pages and Custom Message Footers

GAITHERSBURG, MD--(Marketwire - Dec 14, 2011)

Gold Lasso, a provider of multichannel marketing software, has unveiled customizable preference pages and message footers, its latest features in their eLoop5 product suite. To help customers combat list attrition and give them more flexibility, Gold Lasso created these features so subscribers can pick and choose the types of communication they wish to receive and their frequency. In addition, eLoop5 users will be able to attach a custom opt-out footer to each message and link to specific preference pages according to their email marketing needs. For example, a customer who has opted-in to receive email about special offers from a retailer may appreciate coupons for certain products, but not others. To avoid bombarding that customer with irrelevant information, custom footers and preference pages will allow them to opt-out of certain categories, but remain in others, helping to lower unsubscribe rates.

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Did You Know? Every eLoop user experience can be customized!

Make the most of your employees time in eLoop.

Our customizable Roles Feature allows a unique experience for each member or team within your company.

Let your employees focus on what they do best! Graphic designers can have access to message creation and editing, while your sales teams are busy analyzing campaign reports. We have already created several default roles to get you started, but don't worry! If you don't see a role that fits your needs, you can create as many custom profiles as you like. 

-User Roles:

• Administrator: The Administrator is the master user and has access to all features of eLoop including account settings and administrating user roles. If you would like to assign a user a large number of features and limit your security risk you should use the Project Manager role.

• Project manager: Project Managers have access to almost all eLoop features except account settings and administering user roles.

• Graphic designer: Graphic Designers have access only to modules related content such as the content library, messages, templates, and forms.

• List manager: List Managers have access only to modules related to lists and data.

• Account/client executive: Clients and Account Executives have access only to dashboards and reports.

• Custom: customize any users role to fit their/your company’s needs

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Trend: Email Deliverability Rates Becoming Stagnant: How To Beat The Priority Inbox

Despite enormous efforts on the part of marketers, email deliverability rates have halted after the first half of 2011, coming in at 81%, according to a study released on September 20th by Return Path. 

Although reasons for this are numerous and often situational, a certain amount of blame in this case can be placed on “priority inbox”. This lovely little tool, created last year by Google, essentially puts a brain within your email account. It sees and records every action and configures message placement accordingly. So what we’re seeing are high reported delivery rates that don’t necessarily reflect the number of messages actually delivered. Technically the provider may have accepted it, but it doesn’t mean it’s landed in the customers’ inbox.

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