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Gold Lasso Partners with GoodMail to Strengthen Email Trust

Gold Lasso is proud to announce its newest partnership with GoodMail Systems to enhance recipient’s trust. GoodMail Systems has created an industry standard class of trusted email entitled, CertifiedEmail ™.

CertifiedEmail™ provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic email messages for legitimacy from both commercial and non profit senders. Adding this feature to Gold Lasso will add an additional layer of confidence to both senders and recipients. "As marketers are increasing their usage of email communications we feel that there is a growing need for our clients to be assured that their emails are received. CertifiedEmail is one of the easiest and best ways to deliver emails directly to the inbox past content and volume filters with all links and images rendered by default," says Elie Ashery, President and CEO of Gold Lasso.

Goodmail Systems CertifiedEmail is the ultimate defense against phishing. By using a blue ribbon envelope icon that is unique to CertifiedEmail™ lets recipients know that the email is really from the sender that appears and that it can be trusted. A great part of this feature is that this does not need downloads or plug-ins for graphics, it is directly built into the recipients email application. 100% deliverability is guaranteed across the following ISPs; AOL, BT, Cox, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Road Runner and Yahoo. In the not-so-distant future, Goodmail will also have a video streaming feature available.

“At Gold Lasso we are always striving to provide clients with an easy-to-use product that is jam-packed with features. We are especially excited about Goodmail’s longer term product roadmap and how CertifiedEmail will be used to deliver a secure multimedia inbox experience for recipients,” said Ashery.

This exciting feature will be added to the Gold Lasso platform as of April 1, 2009. If interested, please contact a Gold Lasso Representative at 301-990-9857 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Are You Getting the Most Out of eLoop?

All this talk about the economy should have you asking one question: Am I getting my moneys worth? This pertains to all aspects of your business. Of course, I can only help you answer that question as it pertains to your ESP. So, as an eLoop Account Manager, it’s my duty to make sure you are aware of all the premium features available to you.

Now I am sure some of you are using these features, but many of our clients are not. All of the features below (listed by section) are available to you in eLoop at no additional charge. They are simply sitting there waiting to be used!

Data Collection
Landing Pages
Opt-In Pages
Referral Pages
Customized Forward-to-a-Friend

Data Management
Complex list building (including Boolean statements)

Outbound Messaging
Dynamic Content: allows you to insert virtually anything in place of another item within a Message when a certain condition or set of conditions is met.

Enhanced Message Testing: offers three premium options: eDesign Optimizer, eContent Scorer, and eDelivery Tracker.

Account Settings
Communication Categories: This allows the recipient to set preferences that act as a suppression mechanism, allowing only the desired messages to reach them.

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Feature Spotlight: Campaign Types A/B Splits, Time-Released and Throttled Campaigns

A/B Split Campaigns
Testing is the only way to know for sure what works best with your email campaigns and your subscribers. The most common way marketers test their email campaigns is with A/B splits. A/B split campaigns allow you to randomly split your list between two or more messages. The benefit is that you can test the success of different campaign elements, such as subject lines, from lines, or other content, to find out which work best. eLoop reports each message and its respective portion of the list as a separate campaign. You can then plan your future campaigns based on the  outcomes and recipients’ responses to the variables.
Time-Release Campaigns
Eloop’s time release campaign (drip) module helps with the lead nurturing process ensuring that timely, relevant and branded information reaches your recipients.  Whether your lead nurturing is based on time intervals, behavioral or demographic variables, eLoop’s time release campaigns can help.
Basic Time Release (Basic Drip)
If your sales cycle is seasonal, revolves around a specific date or is based on distinctive timeframes, then implementing a basic time release (drip) campaign could be right for you.  With a basic time release campaign you can design a string of personalized emails (using merge fields and dynamic content) to be sent in various pre-determined sequences.  This allows you to automatically stay top of mind with your prospects.
Time Release Based on Behavior
Trying to sell big ticket items just doesn’t take time, it takes education.  By coupling time release campaigns with web pages visited, links clicked and forms completed, you can automatically target the right information more aggressively to your prospects helping with the educational process.
Time Release Based on Demographic Variables

To ensure relevance, marketers need to personalize their campaigns based on a host of variables however continual list segmentation and personalization can become difficult with changing demographics such as age, marriage, kids, etc.  With eLoop A.I. you can create multi-year time release campaigns with messages that automatically change with demographic or other data variable updates.  

Throttled Campaigns
Throttled campaigns in eLoop allow you to break up your sending schedule over a defined period of time. This process is especially useful when you are a new sender with a large list trying to build a good sender reputation. Throttling is also used to avoid the overwhelming of your recipient’s mail servers. In eLoop, this is done at the software level, managed by the user as opposed to the hardware level which is managed by the ESP.

To learn more about these features, please contact the Gold Lasso client support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Powering up: What to look for in software to drive your local marketing efforts

As Published In Chiropractic Economics
Next year estimates show that companies will spend approximately $950 million on e-mail marketing.  Typically we think of e-marketing as the messages we receive in our inboxes from retailers or online vendors, such as, encouraging us to spend more money.  More and more non-traditional marketers such as healthcare administrators, however, are using email to drive their business and build relationships and loyalty with their patients.

If patients receive any electronic communication from their health-care provider it is usually an invoice or, more often, to notify them about a problem with their insurance company or their payment.  That doesn’t create the warm, fuzzy and personalized feeling that we get from Amazon, does it? Amazon makes recommendations on books or movies we might enjoy based on our previous purchases and they address us by our name.  They even remember our birthdays.    
While Amazon is marketing different messages to consumers than a chiropractor would, the underlying principle is the same. E-mail works, so why aren’t more health-care providers jumping on board the e-marketing train?  
It is simply that they don’t know how to use e-mail marketing, understand the technology or how to take advantage of it to build loyalty with their patients.  Integrating the right e-marketing tool into your overall communications plan can increase your patient referral base, turn your current patients into promoters of your business and easily provide both current and potential patients with the information and resources they desperately want.  
Back to basics…how can I use e-mail to market locally?  
Successful marketing goes well beyond an ad in the yellow pages.  The best marketers use a combination of different communication vehicles to distribute their message and grow their business.  They use their own patients, who are customers in this case, as advocates for their business encouraging them to spread the word to their network of friends and families.  This type of marketing has been coined “viral marketing.”   
Your patients will not just spread positive “buzz” about your practice on their own, they need a reason.  The reason might be that you provide quality care, have a great rapport with patients, or that your staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  These reasons are given—you must have them to be successful. Today’s patients and consumers want more.   
Technology has advanced to a point where the general public wants to feel a personal connection and know that they are receiving service that goes beyond the norm.  E-mail marketing helps you to provide that feeling.  Like, it allows you to personalize the message to the consumer building a connection and forging a relationship.   
But, what is your message? What can you send your patients that are not electronic invoices or a question about payment? Surprisingly, you have a lot of options.   
One common, and easily implemented, practice is to develop and send a monthly e-newsletter or e-zine to all current patients with a link for them to forward it to their friends, colleagues and family members.  The e-publication might feature updates on insurance laws that may impact patients, information about new treatments, or news about your practice.  They are cost effective, easy to produce, measurable and will keep patients informed.  They can also be personalized to the patient and can include “lighter” information such as introductions to staff members or highlights of charity work your practice does to create a link to the community.
Knowing is Half the Battle
Being aware of e-mail as a marketing tool and willing to incorporate it into your business development plans is an essential first step to taking advantage it.  Learning how to harness this medium is the next step. It is one that is easily accomplished by knowing your audience and understanding that there are experts out there to help you.   
E-mail Service Providers (ESPs) have unique expertise in building e-mail lists, developing compelling message content that will make your patient want to open and read the email, creating templates to add visual flare to the message, monitoring the results of the campaign, and staying compliant with Federal laws such as the CAN-SPAM act regulating e-marketing.  They are professional marketers that allow you time to do your job, while they do theirs. 

You should look for an ESP that fits your goals and facilitates a seamless transition to e-marketing. Ask potential ESPs these questions to help you make an informed decision.   
Do you have a unique IP address for all your clients? An IP address is the unique identifier for every computer on the Internet.  Many spammers use a single IP address to send mass e-mail messages violating the CAN SPAM Act. Premium ESPs offer their clients a unique IP address because it helps to increase the rate of delivery to the recipients.  Shared IP addresses are common among discount ESPs however you will sacrifice deliverability since you are sharing your reputation with their other clients. 

How can you help me reduce the chance my message will be flagged by a SPAM filter? Filters help protect recipients from receiving SPAM messages in their inbox by using trigger words, phrases or symbols to weed out junk email. An ESP should provide you with a tool to check your message for anything that might trigger a filter. If your message can’t reach the recipient, the marketing campaign fails.  

Does the ESP offer a free trial period? All reputable ESPs offer a penalty-free trial period so customers can review the features before making a decision.   

Are the fees in line with industry standards? Most companies charge based on the number of messages sent by the user or the e-mail volume.  For volumes under 10,000 e-mail transmissions you should not be paying more than $.03 per transmission depending on the features the ESP includes in the cost.  Additional services such as graphic design or Web development are usually billed separately.  

What is the duration of the ESP’s contract?  You should limit your contract to one year or less or have the ability to leave anytime you want to increase your organization’s flexibility and management of your e-marketing program.   
With just a little knowledge, you can “power up” and join the other industries benefiting from e-mail marketing.   
Elie Ashery is President and CEO of Gold Lasso, LLC, an email marketing service provider (ESP) that specializes in serving the association, retail, publishing, healthcare and hospitality industries.

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