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If Publishers Do This, The Money Will Roll In

If Publishers Do This, The Money Will Roll In

Everyone knows that the key to any successful email program is subscriber engagement. The same goes for email monetization. The challenge lies in training your subscribers to engage, not just "skim" through your emails without any action. Ensuring your subscribers click is paramount to your monetization success. Subscribers should know exactly where to locate value quickly and click on it. 

When you do not provide constant and multiple ways to engage, you are leaving money on the table. There are four main components required to train your subscriber's to engage. It's easy to remember them, D.A.R.T. 

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What’s Your Type? …of Email Monetization that is.

What’s Your Type? …of Email Monetization that is.

Last week we talked about the Email Monetization Model as a whole. Now, let's look at the three Types of Monetization. 

First, we've got Display Advertising, the most basic and easiest way to monetize your email newsletters. Display ads are based on IAB standards and advertisers usually have ad units ready to go. The two best IAB banner ad sizes for design and performance in email are 300x250 and 728x90. 

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The Email Monetization Model

The Email Monetization Model

Successful email monetization is not an afterthought or separate function of email content development and operations. Maximizing email monetization is dependent on how well it’s integrated into your overall email newsletter strategy. With a well executed monetization strategy, your subscribers should view content and advertising equally.  In other words, your goal for email monetization should be for your subscribers to value advertising as much as they value your content.  This is obviously easier said than done.  However, with a few tricks and and quality effort, you can create a great inbox experience greatly evening subscriber optics of content vs. advertising.  

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Changes Are Coming: We've got some exciting things coming your way next week!

Brand New Look and Feel for Dashboard

Larger icons, quick access to basic functions and easy navigation.

New Message Section Features

Ithe toolbar as shown below, it will default to the classic view display that you are used to. Feel free to uncheck the box to experience the enhancements we've made.

New Template Section featuring Easy-to-Use Templates

You requested, we delivered. Our new template section has easy-to-use, responsive templates for all your email needs.


Responsive Templates and Geo Targeting Reporting

Our responsive templates allow an optimized viewing experience for your audience.
Our new Geo-Location reporting allows you to learn more about your subscribers and get the right message to the right person at the right time.













New Template Section has in-line editing with floating
toolbars & lock-down features

Our enhanced in-line editor 
allows you to select any editable element on the page and edit it in-place. This is a great addition for users with basic HTML skills. 





And much, much more...
Survey Enhancements
List Reports
Bug Fixes
and even more!


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Infographic: When Is An Ad Native?

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About This Infographic:

Despite the fact that publishers and advertisers can agree on what native advertising is in its legacy print format, there’s still much confusion in the industry when native advertising transcends the digital space.  Gold Lasso believes the reason for this confusion stems from the sheer number of variables that can be manipulated in a digital ad.  To help publishers and advertisers wrap their heads around what defines a native ad, we developed this simple scale that takes into consideration both publisher and advertiser standards and characteristics.  The scale demonstrates that native ads are defined by the degree that advertisers relinquish creative and formatting control to the publisher.  Are some ads more native than others?  We think so.  


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href="/images/easyblog_articles/368/b2ap3_thumbnail_native-scale.png" target=" "_blank">img src="/imaes/easyblog_articles/368/b2ap3_thumbnail_native-scale.png" alt=" "infographic" width="430" />

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Via Gold Lasso, Subscriber Engagement & Monetization Systems


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