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Give Your Subscribers The Best Content Experience For Email 
- With No ESP Bill!

Grow and monetize your email audience with eLoop, a powerful, enterprise-level, email automation and sending platform.

Full Newsletter Automation Without The ESP Bill!

Gold Lasso's eLoop email sending platform provides comprehensive newsletter automation, subscriber, and deliverability management without the ESP bill. Qualified publishers can send as many email transmissions to support their business, FREE!.  In exchange, we professionally manage and monetize your newsletters and split the ad revenue with you. With RPMs up to $30, there's no risk and all reward. A true win/win partnership!

Newsletter Automation

Automate production and sending with any timing variable.

Subscriber Management

Algorithmic subscriber management and segmentation.

Deliverability Management

Technology and human intervention for optimal deliverability.

Dynamic Content

Personalize newsletters with dynamic content optimization.


Program Overview

Email Monetization Programs

Gold Lasso offers the highest performing ads and programs to maximize your email assets' value.


Reduce subscriber attrition with automated reminders.

Program Strategy

We'll help you create an email monetization strategy that beats revenue goals.

Breaking News Alerts

Double your newsletter revenue by getting breaking news alerts out fast.

Surveys & Polling

Increase subscriber engagement with instant surveys and polling.

Data Management

Your data is the lifeblood if your email program. We'll show you how to maximize its value.

Automated, Targeted, Newsletters

Say goodbye to the email production process with full automation.

Content Preference Centers

Give your subscribers real content choices without the manaement headaches.

Revenue Generating Design

Your template design has a 30% affect on revenue. Use science not your gut for design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Gold Lasso offer its email sending platform discounted or free to publishers?
It is Gold Lasso's mission to support media companies in their quest to syndciate and monetize content via email. Therefore, we want to give them all the tools necessary to be successful which in turn creates more advertising opportunities. Gold Lasso has proven that it can earn more from advertising revenue than from licensing revenue - hence everyone's incentives are aligned.
Are there any differences between Gold Lasso's free and paid email sending platform?
Are there any email volume limits to publishing partners?
What are the requirements to becoming a Gold Lasso publishing partner?
Can I send 3rd party offers from my account?
Yes!  You may send a limited quantity of 3rd party offers witout Gold Lasso advertising from your account.
Can I get a custom sending domain and unique IP address?
Will Gold Lasso help me switch from my current ESP?
Will Gold Lasso help me with my newsletter templates?


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